Privacy Policy

At Motpoll, LLC (a Virginia corporation), we respect the privacy of our users by keeping no records of individuals. This privacy is also respected by anonymous voting. There is no identification of a voter expressing their feelings, which are forwarded via 'secret Ballots'. 

What information do we collect, and from where?

Factual information is collected from the Media, both Liberal and Conservative, when both say nearly what the same facts are, and from historical information and data that are in the public domain. The Mot Poll automatically separates the USA IP address from foreign addresses for the purpose of restricting Ballot votes taking place from anywhere except inside the boundaries of the United States and its territories. Readership is not limited. The website allows only US residents or visitors to express their 'weight of theft', and whether they believe/agree with, or not, the facts and conclusions presented by each Ballot they visit. For people in foreign lands, the website is open for reading the Ballots, and resulting Statistics and trends that result from votings on the suspected thefts presented. 

We observe subjects, and place Ballots under those subjects. The Subjects and Ballots are on the happenings, current and past, from the USA that are suspected of involving thievery as observed by MOT Poll writers. The MOT Poll is not a news-reporting entity, though MOT Poll statistics can be considered news. It targets Government and Media subjects and collects data, images, content, and facts from the public media and documented histories relative to suspected theft. It provides its own analyses and conclusions, upon which readers can self-poll and see what others think. 

At this time we generate revenue solely from donations. The MOT Poll is free to the public without advertisements. Donations to the MOT Poll (Motpoll, LLC) are a gift to all who may feel uninformed of what has really happened to them and their country during the past several years, and who may desire to vote an expression on how insane they feel many actions were and are. Donations pay for the time and expenses for research, writing, security, legal defense, distribution, and profit.

Major Mot Poll inspiration came from the book, “Election 2016 and The Margin of Theft”, ©2016, by John C. Macidull.

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