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The MOT (Margin of Theft) Poll is a public poll of residents in the United States who desire to weigh the importance of government and media theft.


History shows that theft is not good for America. 

What the MOT Poll can do for you:

Show by example when humans are required, or face horrific results, to act as animals - called common sense.

Show by example when humans are required, or face horrific results, to act as benign spiritual beings - called moral integrity.

It also enables you to have a say on (by sending your theft weight/vote and using Poll phrases/words) the importance that individual and social theft has on your life in America.

In addition, this poll is a methodology that identifies those whom we, the public, apparently elected, and if government appointed, listen to, in trade for high wages, esteem, and panoplies of power that we, the taxpayers, provide them. This is in exchange for them fairly implementing policies beneficial to us, and for the enforcement of public laws for our safety and survival. These thefts are parasitic in nature and harmful to We The People

The Mot Poll automatically separates the USA IP address from foreign addresses for the purpose of restricting Ballot votes taking place from anywhere except inside the boundaries of the United States and its territories. Readership is not limited. The website enables voters to express their 'weight (importance)' of the theft presented, and whether or not they believe/agree with the facts and conclusions presented by each Ballot they visit. For people in foreign lands, the website is open for reading the Ballots, and resulting Statistics and trends that result from votings on the suspected thefts presented. 


MOT Poll writers adhere to a general cause for insane theft below:   


The part (red) of the MOT timeline of effort that takes place without healthy parental and societal bounds that limit theft is:

Survival → Profit/Happiness. Then without good boundaries → Theft → Insanity

Theft herein = the stealing of US Citizen's taxpayer money, time, lives (murder), health, culture, infrastructure, security, justice, integrity, human logic, common sense, truth, and trust by the US Government and the Media. Please note that only about half (50%) of all American Citizens pay Federal income tax. 

An example of what this MOT methodology does:

MOT Poll Ballot: Sanctuary Cities, Ballot creation date: 07/24/2015

This ballot states what was factually in the Main Stream Media news around July 24, 2015. The “Facts” in this ballot were taken as facts because they were nearly identical to those ‘Facts’ presented by nearly all other, more conservative, news sources on Sanctuary Cities. Since July, 2015 to December, 2022 the MOT “Theft Weight” of Sanctuary Cities started at 13.8889 and generally continued to rise to 14.1111 (based in part on several hundred thousand other ‘MOT Poll ‘hits/votes’). The MOT “insanity weight” is anything over 10.0000 (See ‘Statistics, Report 2). What the MOT Poll did (and does) was show that Sanctuary Cities were generally considered ‘insane’ at the first awareness of them. In the meantime, since 2015, there has been no lessening of the awareness of the insanity of them. And during that time we have a progressing preponderance of Sanctuary Cities, Sanctuary States, and one Sanctuary Country within one of our States, while the number of homeless living on, and stealing the public use of public property, has increased, and the number of homeless defecations in public in those cities have surpassed the sanitation safety levels that, in public opinion and awareness, places the rest of the public there in a high degree of risk to health and lives. All of these initial Sanctuary Cities (San Francisco, New York, Philadelphia, and Detroit are, and were, run by Democrats. The recent ‘Sanctuary Country of America’, when run by Democrats, has resulted in non-enforcement of laws (as were Sanctuary Cities). In this case the border laws that were, and now are non-enforced, comprise nearly all our immigration laws. Violations of law are not 'conspiracies'. Please see MOT Ballots on “Immigration”. [Other MOT Ballot subjects in the ‘Subject’ section are: Amnesty, Benghazi, Biden Administration, Climate Change, Constitution, Department of Justice, Education, Gun Control, Health Care, Immigration, Impeachment, Marijuana - Cocaine, Media, Mid East, NASA, Obama Administration, Presidential Candidates, Racism, Rules of Engagement, Security, Sports, Taxes, Transportation Incidents, Trump Administration, Veterans, Y-List: Political Ballots, Z-List: Other Ballots]


MOT Ballot writers obtain Facts from news reporters and data that are provided by ABC, NBC, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, FOX News, NewsMax, major US Newspapers, radio stations, and American dictionaries when reported as actions and data that are the same or nearly the same among themselves, and without mixing these actions and data with the leanings and biases of political opinion or 'political correctness'. The analyses and conclusions relative to theft are then presented by Mot Poll writers with each voting Ballot of Facts. Voting the weights of perceived thefts (no theft weight = 0, some theft weight = 5, much theft weight = 10, and insane theft weight = 15) for each MOT Ballot is accomplished by a simple, transparent, real-time methodology with presently (2022) a nearly un-cheatable, real-time voting system.

MOT Ballot Analyses and Conclusions, based on the Facts presented, are provided by vetted (by public, un- 'sealed' documentation) writers of journalistic discipline who write in accordance with the truth and integrity requirements of the FCC (Federal Communication Commission) regulations. The MOT Poll analyses and conclusions are meant to make it viable, reasonable, and survivable for every US resident (that includes US Citizens' votes both counted and otherwise ignored) to make it reasonable to vote out of office those elected in government who fail to address for correction the actions judged by the people to be insane, and to make it possible to formally bring them to justice by the US court system, if not itself corrupt, as would be at minimum evidenced by a continued non-enforcement of US Law during the next elected term. [If the US Justice system is corrupt, as possibly determined by a 2/3 (67%) consensus of MOT-voted insanity or other method (see Report 2 under 'Statistics'), it is possible that justice could be accomplished by US Military law in keeping with the US Constitution.]

Vote Credibility/Verification: MOT Poll ballot vote counting is indicated on screen the instant that his/her vote has been 'sent' by the voter. The average vote weight (to ten decimal places) can be seen by the voter when his/her vote changes this average vote up or down, on-screen, when the voter (sender) presses the ‘Send’ button. This is why the average weight of theft number is taken to four decimal places to the right of the decimal point. It can show a change that a single vote makes among thousands that may be made that minute to the average weight. And this average number for that voting instant in time is recorded and locked in the 'Cloud' forever, and cannot be changed until another voter votes on that Ballot. 

Ballot Voting Risk: This is determined by the user, who may be concerned that someone is physically looking over their shoulder when accessing on their computing device. There may be a voter who thinks someone is spying on him/her to try and see who is viewing/voting from a WiFi location in his/her restaurant, airplane, train, car, doctor's place, office, or home. However there is little risk at this time of anyone seeing how you may have voted on the MOT Poll.

MOT Ballot writers (presently limited to nine) are everyday American citizens.


MOT terminology 

MOT culture: A parasitic infection dedicated to theft and not making things, or not providing a viable service for legal profit. It has been most associated in the past with gangs, the Mafia, kingdoms, pre-civilized tribes, and Banana Republics.

MOTsters: People of a MOT culture who are also members of, or affiliated with, a cult, click, government, or religion. A full-time MOTster is one who is allowed to live their lives completely within the Margin of Theft where there is little or no physical product or service from them for society. They can often be identified by them using 'free' unearned high quality things and services from society. Today in the US Government, many Congresspersons, and appointed Government position holders fall within the 'full time' application of this definition. 

MOT Poll theme song: "The Monster Mash" (1962) by Bobby Pickett imitating Boris Karloff. "It is a graveyard smash, and caught on in a flash. It is the Monster Mash!!" ('Motster' and 'Monster' can become inter-changeable by those familiar with the website, 

The MOT Poll makes no distinction relative to gender, age, religion, race, or political party. Like MOT Poll voters, MOT writers are categorized as being members of the Human Race.

Voting times, locations, and limits are limited to people within the United States who have access to one of millions of US WiFi addresses. Votes are also limited to one per day, per each Ballot, per US WiFi address location. Voters can also designate whether they agree or not with the facts or conclusions presented. These designations, as percentages, are also recorded for each Ballot, and available within the MOT Poll under the menu selection, 'Statistics. Report 1'.

The MOT Poll is available to the rest of the world 24/7 except for voting, which is made possible by MOT algorithm to take place only in American jurisdiction areas of the globe.

Vote percentages, weights, and other statistics are available in the "Statistics" section, Report 1 and Report 2.

TranslationsThe MOT Poll can be translated into any of 103 languages by utilizing the translation box in the upper-right corner of all pages.

A MOT Search Window is available on each Ballot page. 

MOT Dwellers: Those whose primary physical needs for food, shelter, and clothing are provided by government or parents/relatives/friends for periods of time and coverage past initial human needs and welfare considerations. This includes many second and third generation full-time Welfare recipient families, children of Welfare parents, many "Affirmative Action" fake 'needers of', members of criminal/political gangs, and many US Congresspersons.

MOTus Operandi (MO): Methodology identifiers inherent in MOT-based organizations include hypocrisy, stealth, lying, vague wordings, 'Add-ons' (Changing the goal posts after the agreement is made and the game started), hidden agendas, sleight of hand, head fakes, double standards, and creating confusion, negative emotions, and division that can be harmful to all when not bounded by morals, ethics, parents, and law. A particular MO of Motsters is the head-fake of accusing and blaming others for what they have done, are doing, or plan to do themselves. 

Castle-Potentate MOT Extortion Scam: A Medieval practice of people in high places taking things from passers-by in exchange for not throwing rocks down on them. It is a primitive method of extortion similar to those practiced by Principalities, Duchies, Earldoms, and trade-route choke-point controllers (like the Cities of Chicago, New York, San Francisco, Seattle, Los Angeles, New Orleans, and Houston).   

Jabba the MOT: A MOTster with a secret desire to eat the planet.

AINOAmerican In Name Only

Moochment: A MOT 'Movement'

MOT Literate: Someone who uses the MOT Poll as a free-speech common language term to vote their feelings about things, and to be relevant to the determinations of societies' values and actions. 

Mojjo: A MOT Ballot voter - MOJudge and Jury Operative. Only American residents who have WiFi access can currently be Mojjo's. Other country residents can have their own MOT Poll, as would be French Mojjos if France had their own MOT Poll. 

'MOT Bad': When the theft is harmful to the victim but not harmful to the thief and when the thief is not caught, punished, and the stolen goods not returned.

'MOT Evil': When, in the long run, the theft is harmful to both the victim, and the thief's own children. Most evil thieves could care less about their harm to others even when they know their theft results will continue after they have died. This is often called 'Selling one's soul to the Devil.' It is also often called 'insanity', and sometimes, ‘narcissism’. 

Other Things

Other 1: For a video of Hollywood and other celebrity Motsters and politically biased persons during the 2016 election, click on

Other 2:  For a(n) historical difference between a Democracy and a Republic, click on

Other 3: Below is a New York review (2018) of the website:

"Unique Website Holds the Government Accountable Through the Voice of the Masses

August 13 2018 - 03:30AM
PR Newswire (US)

NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Mot Poll is a new and inventive website that lets people weigh in and vote on contemporary issues and see their vote counted instantly as well as see what others think. Ballots on a range of topics contain information/facts that readers vote as truth or not truth, and then do the same for the analysis/conclusion reached. 

As cultural critic Jake Dilloway writes in large part, "[this site] allows users to proffer their opinions and, through an easily navigable online form, have their voices heard in a meaningful, statistical conglomeration… thereby bestowing agency onto the public through a deeper understanding of the consequences of domestic and foreign policy.

Ballots on a range of topics contain information/facts that readers vote as truth or not truth, and then do the same for the analysis/conclusion presented. This allows an online forum for users to weigh in and help to statistically determine the Margin of Theft— or a degree of damage— the government and infiltrators' policies and practices are causing to the country.

Drawing in part on the democratic and free model established by several writings relative to the "Margin of Theft", is an online forum that allows users to weigh in and see their 'weight' of theft vote count instantly.

While identifying the most important issues facing citizens today, presents a venue wherein one can simply go to the site, answer pertinent questions and, instantaneously, see how their beliefs match or differ with the consensus of their fellow users. Having the ability to put your finger on the pulse of the American consciousness with just one click of the button could not be more important than in today's political climate."

                                                             * * * 



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