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Supreme Court & O-Care 1

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 06/18/2012


Fact: The US Supreme court is required to judge the Constitutionality of proposed laws in the words that are presented to them. Fact: The Obama Care law was presented with a mandate for payment of monies by those who elected not to participate in the program presented in the proposed law. Fact: The presenters of the proposed law stipulated that the mandate for payment was not a tax. Fact: The Supreme Court could uphold the Constitutionality of the Congress being authorized to tax. Fact: The Supreme Court did not have the authority under the Commerce Clause to force people to buy something they didn't want, nor did the Congress. Facts: However, the Supreme Court judged that a fee mandated for something not received or desired was to be considered a tax, and not a fee for nothing received. This was against the Commerce clause of the US Constitution.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The last Fact above would normally put this Ballot weight in the realm of insanity. Translated it means, ‘You, the people, give the government money when you don't buy what the Government wants you to buy that we, the Government, deem Affordable Health Care for you. This desire by us, the government, is enforceable by us putting you in jail if you don't give us, your Government part of your wages every year ($2,000) if you don’t buy what we want you to buy.’ The Supreme Court was presented a mandate law that they did not have the authority to address by just saying that the mandate was a tax. Therefore they said that since they couldn't make a judgment on a mandate, they would judge it as a tax that was just presented as a mandate. Since they admitted that it was a mandate to be considered a tax, the option existed to spell-check-and-replace all the 'mandate' words with the word, 'tax', and thereby have the case considered with the words presented for consideration, in accordance with their own requirements. This, however would have excluded a hearing at all as Congress already had the obvious Constitutional authority to make tax law. They did not do this, and the later-called Affordable Care Act became the required health care law of the land (except for the Congress legally writing in and exempting themselves and their staffs from this law). Therefore the Supreme Court judged the constitutionality of a highly unpopular law under the self-assumed right of determining the meaning of words. And thereby they changed the applications of English Dictionary language words like ‘mandate’ and ‘tax’, and used their invented meanings to shove the ‘Constitutionality’ of a law down everyone’s throat who abides by the law. The ‘Liberals’ on the Supreme court used different meanings of key words and then, while ignoring accepted American meanings of these words, pronounced their determination of a law, using their ‘new word meaning’ to be in accordance with the US Constitution. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the Supreme Court taking money from the people by the Supreme Court not doing their job in compliance with the Constitution which has no provision for allowing them to change the meaning of words for any reason concerning their judgments on law.

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