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General Subject: Department of Justice

DOJ Suit vs Texas Voters

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 07/22/2013


Fact: The US Supreme Court is required to judge which laws or concerns may be proposed to them, and whether or not they are in compliance with the mandates set forth in our Constitution. Fact: Last year our Supreme Court established what the voter identification law was. This law did not conflict with the question of States rights versus Federal laws because it was not a question. It was the law, and remained so until or unless it was presented again to the Supreme Court for re-consideration. Fact: The Department of Justice and President have no mandate or authority to assume or dictate the authorities, or determinations of the Supreme Court.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The President, as a wholly self-proclaimed (through action) sovereign entity, apart from our government, brought legal action against a State for enforcing a US law that was the President's duty to enforce. This action is identical to the President's DOJ suit against Arizona in 2010 concerning that State’s enforcement of a Federal border control mandate for protection against foreign invasion that was also the President's obligation to enforce. The DOJ in both cases was and is an organization hired to ensure peace, tranquility, and commerce by enforcing the law, but herein ignored the law, and furthermore took action opposite to the purpose of the law as written. These actions comprise Presidential action past reason, logic, or law while in his position of power and control as chief executive, but for the purpose of gaining unearned wealth and services, and unearned self-esteem for further theft for special interest groups of non-Americans (AINOs - Americans In Name Only). It also comprises a theft of national attention and heartbeats of productive life from a compassionate society required to address the degree of this insanity. It crosses a line that separates theft from insanity. However, though cost-effective, it is illegal for the people to hire a group of men with nets, white coats, and rubber rooms prior to the next election to remove the head of the DOJ for mere scape-goat reasons in lieu of Presidential impeachment. Addressing this insanity disguised as theft, except for adding it to a long list for future reference, is not worth the energy required past initial observation prior to eliminating these employee type careers from our society at the next elective opportunity. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of citizenry time, energy, and lives by this US President and Government Administration by the violation and un-enforcement of US Federal law during their temporary tenures in office.

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