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General Subject: Department of Justice

White House killing Incident

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 11/26/2013


Fact: An unarmed woman attempted to pass through a barricade in a vehicle outside the White House fence on 10/3/2013. Fact: After this ‘attempt’ failed, and while surrounded by armed White House guards, she ‘escaped’ the situation by driving away. Fact: She was pursued by the DC police. Fact: There was no attempt to shoot the tires of her vehicle, or any other method employed to halt her escape from the White House environment. Fact: Her vehicle was blocked about a mile away from the White House where she was approached by the DC police who shot her to death in her car. Fact: After leaving the White House environment, there was no perceived threat that remained from her to the White House or any of its occupants. Fact: The DC police were formally honored for doing their job of protecting the President. Fact: The possible threat to the President initially included that of a car-bomb inside the woman’s vehicle. Fact: It is not known where the President was at the time. Fact: There was no threat to the President of a car bomb after the woman had departed the White House environment. Fact: Later Ref: Cable News, CNN, reported on 5/6/2014, "A more intense situation occurred last October, when a woman drove a black Infiniti with her 1-year-old child inside into a security barrier and Secret Service officer near the White House. Police pursued her through some of Washington's most famous streets until she was shot and killed by police near the U.S. Capitol; her child was unharmed and taken into protective custody."

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The police initially acted in accordance with their responsibility of protecting the President from an attempt upon his person. Killing an unarmed, unthreatening person who was previously suspected of being a threat while sitting in their car and posing no threat is an unprofessional law enforcement act. No professional measures were taken to initially detain the suspect from fleeing the scene of a crime for the purpose of questioning and punishment. These gunfire acts from law enforcement officials were unnecessary to the prevention of any illegal act. These gunfire acts were identical to warfare methods employed by tribal, thug, and gang cultures that are common on other continents. Unlike others, the culture of the United States includes that of compassion and empathy for all humans. These acts of ‘thuggery’ are acceptable to many in the United States and are considered ‘mistakes’ of the moment. The formal and official honoring of these acts, however, comprise a theft from the perceived  higher cultural values of the United States. It is now sanctioned with honor by the Congress to summarily murder without apprehension or trial those suspected of previously threatening the President. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of life from a person (murder by Police), and honors given (for theft of US justice by Congress), after a possible threat to the President by a person who had been eliminated as a threat, and for no evidence for justifiable punishment of the death penalty to consider in any current US court of law

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