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General Subject: Education

Critical Race Theory

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 01/20/2023


Fact: “CRT (Critical Race Theory) scholars argue that the social and legal construction of race, advances the interests of White people at the expense of people of color…” (Wikipedia). Fact: CRT teachers teach that, “Color-blind laws [equal justice under the law] have racially discriminatory outcomes.” (Wikipedia). Fact: CRT is being taught as a supportive indoctrination of belief that is covertly (often against the wishes and awareness, of parents) taught in the public grade-schools of the United States. 

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The purpose of grade-schools is to prepare young people to be functioning members of US society by teaching factual truths and skills such as reading and writing of existing words and word meanings, math, geography, world history, telling time, and the legal limits and awarenesses of accepted and required behavioral boundaries (Civics). It is no place for teaching theories or indoctrinations of a belief. Religions of belief are allowed tens of thousands of accessible places, with major tax allowances in the US, that provide the 1st Amendment rights of assembly and free speech for all legitimate religions to teach and indoctrinate beliefs (such as churches, synagogues, mosques, and Bible classes, Sunday Schools, Alcoholics Anonymous, etc.). This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the degree of theft of available time and attention for learning essential socially required skills and awarenesses from kids by the US Department of Education, Teacher’s Unions, and the Democrat Party, by exposing them (children) to a theory at the expense and replacement of essential formal learning time required by taxpayers for members of a healthy and functional society.

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