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General Subject: Biden Administration

Energy Scams

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 08/27/2022


Fact: There is no shortage of nuclear (solar) energy in the universe as seen by the billions of stars in existence that are similar to our own sun. Fact: There is presently no shortage of free (not manufactured) coal, oil, gas, and nuclear energy stored under the surface of the planet Earth that can be made available for all human needs. Facts: Nuclear 'fusion' energy (more energy out than put in, as is our 'sun-energy'), was, last week, for the first time accomplished by mankind. However controlled, this also has the possibility, as do fossil fuels, of providing mankind with all energy needs for however long may be reasonably envisioned, and for the seven+ billions of humans on the planet Earth today. Facts: Coal, oil, and gas are batteries of stored energy from Earth’s sun that is left over from decayed plants that lived hundreds of millions of years ago. Nuclear energy is also a battery-type of stored energy from Uranium that was created and left over (as are all metals) from a star super-nova explosion many billions of years ago, before the Earth formed. Fact: The only renewable (for anther 5 Billion years before our sun dies) source of electrical energy available on planet Earth is from our sun and the rotational frictional geothermal heat energy generated from the flow of materials below the Earth's crust and from direct photon conversion (solar panels on Earth and on satellites), wind (giant windmills) when wind is available, and tide machines. Fact: The “Peak Oil” date, is that date designated by those in control of the oil businesses when the human population of the Earth has used half of all the ‘Fossil Fuels’ under the surface of the Earth (presently a date that is approximately 300 years into the future from the date of this MOT Poll Ballot.) Fact: There is no "Peak Uranium" date as there has been no published estimate on when, at any rates of depletion, the planet will run out of useable Uranium ore to generate electricity. Facts: All “Peak Oil” date estimates are presumably based on all the known oil and natural gas underground, which does not include other oil that may be found if more exploration to find new oil were allowed. Those who control the businesses of oil, coal, and natural gas decide when the planet will run out of oil, coal, and natural gas. Facts: Nearly all of these free energy-producing materials and material motion generating sources of energy (winds and tides) require energy-expensive machinery (refineries, pipelines, wires, transformers, solar panels, wind and tide turbines/gearing, and ships, trains and trucks) to convert these energy sources into usable and available electrical and fuel-burning energy. Overall, humans have come a long way from solar-plant-burning donkeys providing the muscle (fuel burning) energy required to transfer water for irrigation and to grind grain.     


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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

All these actions of Germany now buying oil and gas from Russia instead of us, piping oil and gas through the ‘war zone’ of Ukraine, the US shutting down construction on our new Keystone oil pipeline to our refineries for our own use and oil independence, selling millions of barrels of our Strategic Oil Reserves to China, Saudi Arabia not being able to increase their oil refinement capability to take the pressure off the world demand, the US selling 20% of our Uranium to Russia, eliminations of environmentally safe fracking, and restrictions placed to eliminate US fossil fuel exploration and drilling…. all ring of a bunch of world elitist who are political, power-hungry, socially positioned thieves (Motsters) who darkly skim and bribe their way to personal riches by creating deadly shortages of a commodity upon which societies depend.

This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of vital affordable energy and energy independence, and all it badly costs Americans (supply of goods, inflation, transportation, security, health, education, employment) by two Presidential Administrations (during 2008-2022) by taking global oil and natural gas backdoor money and bribes for restricting America's search for energy, for eliminating transportation and refinement of existing energy material, for selling millions of barrels of our emergency oil reserves to a current and probable future enemy, and for selling 20% of our future energy source of Uranium to another current and probable future enemy.

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