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General Subject: Constitution

Jan. 6th House Hearing

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 07/20/2022


Fact: The US House of Representatives is Constitutionally allowed to have their own committee hearings on any subjects of concern to the nation. Fact: The Speaker of the US House of Representatives estabished a Committee of Reresentatives to hear all information relative to the possible 'Coupe' attempt by Donald Trump to reverse the outcome of the 2020 Presidential election, and instigate an insurrection by directing a mob to take over the Capital building of the United States by force on January 6th, 2021. Facts: The US House of Representative is not Constitutionally allowed to be a court, judge, jury, or enforcer of law. The US House of Representatives can only initiate the making of laws. They can only ‘Hear’ or ‘Not Hear’ what they like. In this proceeding, which did not include the “Due Process” in accordance with the US Constitution, the Committee chose not to hear witnesses for the defense. The Committee did not allow exculpatory evidence for the defense to be presented to them. And the Committee did not fairly allow Republican House Members to be on the Committee as part of their 'jury'. The Committee 'found' persons 'guilty' of 'Contempt of Congress' by them not responding to a Committee 'Subpoena'. Fact: This House Committee instead, without wanting to see all evidence available, or to hear all witnesses for the Defense, assumed that they still had the powers of a court to subpoena witnesses and make judgements for the enforcement of prison time for anyone who did not favorably respond to their subpoena that required responding to a summons of any person’s time and freedom to answer their questions in front of them, under oath, as if they were a court of law, which they do not comprise within the US Justice system.

Also, please see Impeachment Due Process, creation date 10/05/2019.


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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Well, now we have a real crime to consider, “Contempt of Congress”. First this Congressional Committee assumed the role of being a court of law in accordance with the US Constitution, whereas Article 1, Section 8 therein gives the Congress zero judicial powers. And then this Committee manufactured a criminal out of thin air from someone who didn't believe that this Committee has any Constitutional right or power over them as if this Committee were a court of law, and by refusing to show up by order of a subpoena from them. The only legal jurisdiction over any US Citizen that this House Committee has under the US Constitution, lies within their own minds. They merely act as if it is so, not realizing the blatant obscenity of it. This Third World, Communist/Soviet Style bogus “House Committee Hearing Court of the Laws of the Land” is merely another grating noise by the Media to fill up available public news-hearing time away from the shortcomings of the Democrat Party before the November, 2022 Midterm elections, and to prevent Donald Trump from ever again running for public office. 

This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the degree of theft from US Constitutional values, truth, and usefulness by this House Committee, and the theft of available public news-hearing time by the Media covering this 'Hearing' to minimize the public awareness of higher gas costs, higher inflation, higher numbers of illegal immigrants, the elimination of a serious Covid threat, the planned weakening of the US Military, the strange-to-our-society rampant homelessness, planned un-education and non-education of youth, rampant and deadly addictive drug movement and use, the ridiculousness of government actions concerning the definitions of English language words, and the invented human rights of some of the sexually perverted and invented-mental-health victim-recipients of free tax-payer money in the US.

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