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NASA Outreach

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 08/27/2009


Fact: The President added to NASA's missions. The primary, number one NASA mission is now 'outreaching to Islamic peoples' to make them feel better about their 'vital ' contributions toward the advancement of science and mathematics during an undefined period in pre-recorded history without reference to pre-Egyptian, Vedic, and Oriental cultures that were inherited by many subsequent cultures including Islam.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

To re-prioritize our primary national scientific policy and funding from science for a ‘feel-good’ outreach effort toward a religious theocracy defies the logic normally associated with a rational human mental condition in America. The goals of science in NASA strive toward the helpful discovering and use of facts in the material world relative to aeronautics and space. This national purpose does not encompass concerns regarding afterlife. This ‘outreach’ to promote a religion is a theft of time and money, and a diversion of valuable national resources essential to the maintenance of national security in a highly technical time. This Administration is stealing from the trust in our government by emphasizing a government priority of a religion that relates to the theocracies of other governments in the world who are not our friends. An addition to this theft is the US Government propensity to steal from 'equal justice under the law ' by allowing Federal Agencies to either investigate themselves, or to appoint those to investigate them, when accidents or illegal actions have occurred in their areas of responsibility (see videos below). This mandated priority is also a bait-and-switch subterfuge to all the world-class engineers who came to NASA for careers in science and exploration in aeronautics and space, and are then incomprehensibly told their mission is primarily that of an evangelical nature, of which they have no training, experience, or desire to pursue. The US now has to pay Russia to send our astronauts into space. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of available funding by this President from the intended purpose of NASA in keeping with American dreams of knowledge and exploration, and diverting these funds toward a primary purpose of outreaching to Islamics worldwide (less than 1% of the US population is Islamic), most of who's leaders with goals that include continued theft from, or the death of, everyone who is not Islamic.

Open links below for examples of prior management focusing on investigating themselves when 'accidents' occur: 

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