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General Subject: Health Care

When Pigs Fly

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 02/07/2022


Facts: Yesterday it was,

1. shown on much of the Main Stream Media and Fox News,

2. a presentation to the Virginia School Board of tens of thousands of signatures,

3. was made of a petition presented by American Boy Scouts and their parents,

4. to eliminate all requirements or mandates for students in Louden County to wear masks in school.  

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The Governor of Virginia previously mandated that all Covid-mask mandates in Virginia be cancelled, and replaced with a policy of free choice, to wear masks or not, for all individuals, anywhere in Virginia.

Twenty years ago, if someone were to ask if a School Board could, without any authority or means of enforcement, have some dominant power over an elected Governor of a State, or the citizens in that State, the answer would have been, as almost any American would have said, “Yeah, when pigs fly! ”. Now it looks like there is a battle, without law, over who can out-mandate whom, with the unrepresetative and unelected Media being the referee on an invented playing field to make a determination, like a sport or battle, by people to decide between despotism, slavery, motism, fairness, and law. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the degree of theft by the Teachers Union, of the intent and words in the laws as written in the English language of the Constitution of the United States for unearned taxpayer money.

Also, please see MOT Ballot Cultural Competence

creation date 6/28/2021.

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