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General Subject: Health Care

Covid - 19 Vaccinations

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 07/29/2021


Fact: Last Monday (July 26) the Secretary of the US Department of Veteran Affairs (VA) announced that it is now mandatory for all health care employees in the VA be fully vaccinated for the Covid–19 Virus within eight weeks. Fact: Many in the Main Stream Media, and talk shows, have said this week that it is in the interest of public safety, and a public duty, that everyone be vaccinated for Covid – 19 regardless of how they might otherwise personally feel about doing so. Facts: The mayor of New York City (("We tried compliance (for voluntary vaccinations.)) had strongly encouraged everyone in New York City to get vaccinated for Covid-19. Since many did not comply with his expectations of voluntarily complying with his 'voluntary compliance', this week the Mayor of New York announced that Covid-19 vaccinations will now be mandatory for all. Fact: As of this MOT Ballot creation date (7/29/2021), the Covid-19 vaccine (or any variation thereof), has not been approved by the US Food and Drug Administration for legal dispensation or sale in the United States by anyone, including Civil Service members of the Federal Government, the President, or any State Government.  

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

From all public reporter media factual information gleaned by the MOT Poll, (Please refer to other 'Health Care' subject Covid Ballots), it is concluded herein this date that the US Media, the Center for Disease Control (CDC), and the United Nations have been openly proven wrong so much on the impending threat they have espoused of a Covid-19 pandemic relative to face masks, personal spacing distances, Covid tests, existing public death data, natural immunities, existing cheap non-vaccine medicinal cures, and experimental Science passed off as Fact, that only a dictatorship or oligarchy would force such a 'Cure' as this vaccination upon a population. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft from Americans by the Main Stream Media and the Government, of parts of the US Constitution (1st Amendment, due process by our Justice System, using extortion for forced vaccinations, and not employing trials and possible jail time or worse for Government and Media people who have obviously performed and promoted any of these unlawful Covid actions and unlawful requirements.).   

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