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Cultural Competence

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Fact: The State of Virginia Teacher’s Association and associates last week announced a 'power' they have to screen and evaluate for hire all teachers for employment for their, “Cultural Competence”. Fact: Many US Regulations in the past give the authority to unelected Government workers to decide what is ‘adequate’, ‘reasonable’, ‘appropriate’, or ‘ethical’, with the power to fine US Citizens without taxation authority, in dollar amounts for actions that they, unelected local Government workers, alone consider inadequate, unreasonable, inappropriate, or unethical. Fact: There is no public record or account of the dollar amounts of fines going to US, State, or Local treasuries, or spent by anyone. This money just disappears, as did the nearly $900 Million given by the Federal Government to the wife of the Mayor of New York City, DeBlazio, to help the poor and improve the educations of NY City residents. $900 Million - poof! Gone! No accounting or accountability. (Also see Ballot - $990Million for California Obamacare - Creation Date 09/16/2013) Fact: The Superintendent of Schools in Tennessee receives a salary of $495,000.00 (Four hundred ninety-five thousand US dollars) per year. This is more than any Governor's salary of any of the fifty United States.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

‘Cultural Competence’ has never been defined or heard of, as anything, not even a government policy to consider. It does not address what may be ‘adequate’, ‘reasonable’, ‘appropriate’, or ‘ethical’ for anything by anyone with any legal authority. What is it? What could it be? It is just another pigment (similar to Critical Race Theory, "Hate Crimes", and Black Lives Matter) that the Media is adding to its existing anti law-enforcement paint to create a special color of fear, hate, confusion, and to merely use the English language in our society to get attention-money, personally for themselves and friends. Controlling and inventing strife and anxiety is today a lucrative occupation, without responsibility or penalty, for the Virginia Teacher's Association and Democrat Party associates throughout the United States. 'Cultural Competence' is a pretentious, confusing set of words typical of the jargon of a specific profession or a government agency, derived from a dictionary to pretend some erudite expression of an intent of an organization, and/or something requiring explanation by only those 'in the know'.

This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the degree of the Teacher's Union theft, through Media and Government endorsement, of public attention, energy, and tax money for material things and false esteem (often called 'power') for themselves, which is energy that could otherwise (without theft) have been spent on maintaining the critical education requirements of our children, as is their contracted job to do for US Citizens in general, and US parents in particular.

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