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General Subject: Biden Administration

Iran Treaty - 2

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 05/18/2021


Fact: The MOT Poll Ballot titled, ‘Iran Treaty’ creation date 07/07/2015, concluded in part, “The treaty allows trading with someone who wants to destroy us by allowing them the means to destroy us..... The reader can decide whether or not this action by this President is in keeping with a long list of actions that are not in the best interest of the United States. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of national security by President Obama's false (no Congressional approval) America treaty. Fact: Since that date (07/07/2015) to the present (5/18/2021), the cumulative average weight of theft (on a theft scale of 1-15) on the Iran Treaty by MOT voters is 14.2593, up from 13.409 in 2015) that is again well into the range of ‘insanity’, and now 4th from the top of the list of 158 (of 298) Ballots with actions that were voted to be insane. Fact: Last week the same US negotiator (Kerry) is negotiating nearly the same non-treaty with Iran on behalf of the Biden ‘Administration’.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The MOT Poll has numbers of voters that are comparable with other polls, except the MOT Poll has no voter distinction relative to sex, age, political party, or any association except being a member of the Human Race with computer keyboard, English Language skills, and can vote via an American geographic WiFi location (URL). It is concluded from the above two Facts that the original MOT Poll Ballot on the Iran Treaty, after the ‘Treaty’ was squelched by the Trump Administration, has been revived by the Biden 'Administration'. This Poll indicates that the Biden Administration may have had no respect or care for the feelings, attitudes, or desires of the American people who voted about the illegal 'Iran Treaty' over the past seven years (see MOT Poll Statistics, Report 1). This MOT Poll Ballot again weighs the degree of theft of promised service and salary taken by the Biden Administration's ‘Iran Treaty’ actions that are in opposition to the requirements of the US Constitution and their oaths of Office to protect and defend the Constitution on behalf of the best interests of the American People.

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