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General Subject: Amnesty

Border Control and Amnesty to 6/22/2013

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Fact: President Reagan signed a border control law in 1986 that icluded a southern fence and amnesty for eleven million illegals: Fact: After amnesty was granted, the Congress did not provide any adequate border control funding for fencing, as 'contracted' by law. Fact: Now Democrats are expressing a desire for another border control immigration law for fencing that includes more amnesty for those who broke immigrations laws since 1986.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The 1986 border control law resulted in amnesty but with no viable border physical/technical fence being built as agreed. The 2006 border fence law also resulted in no viable border fencing as contracted with the American people through Congressional representation, regardless of improved technology. Citizenship laws require US citizens to speak our language in order to understand and know our basic laws and values, and to understand the tenets and integrity that maintains the level of freedoms that our society provides. Granting amnesty to those who have broken our laws to get or stay here regardless of citizenship requirements constitutes a disregard for our laws altogether. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of US Taxpayer money and State resources by US President Obama and Attorney General Holder to pay for the increased medical, school, law enforcement, and infrastructure costs incurred by all Americans as a result of them (Obama and Holder) not enforcing US immigration and citizenry laws as required by the US Constitution.

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