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General Subject: Impeachment

Impeachment Due Process

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Fact: Several Democrats have said that the due process contained in the Constitution means that the vote for Presidential impeachment, with all powers of subpoena for documentation and testimony by the House, can take place by a majority vote in a House Committee. Fact: Actually, the Constitution says that impeachment shall be originated by the House of Representatives, not in any committee of the House of Representatives. Fact: All three previous Presidential impeachments (Johnson, Nixon, Clinton) were initiated by a vote taken by the entire House of Representatives. Fact: The Speaker of the House, Congresswoman Pelosi, thus far, has not allowed a vote to be taken by the entire House of Representatives. Facts: Thirty-one (31) Democrat members of the House of Representatives were elected in Congressional Districts of States that were won by Republican President Trump. A full House vote for impeachment would make all these 31 Congresspersons accountable for now voting against President Trump if they choose to do so in many Districts that previously voted in favor of Republican President Trump.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This is the same logic used about what the US Constitution says by conveniently interpreting what it does not exactly spell out. It happened before when the Main Stream Media vetted future President Obama relative to his meeting the requirements of President. The Main Stream Media made it ‘clear’ that nowhere in the Constitution did it specify that a candidate for President had to actually PROVE that he or she was born within the natural boundaries and/or jurisdiction of the United States, nor be at least 35 years old, and when 'given' these two oversights, no time-line was even addressed that required that the candidate had resided at least 14 years in the United States, the third of the three requirements for President (See MOT Ballots listed from MOT Search window by typing in "Birther”). Similarly, the Constitution just says that the Impeachment process would be originated by the House of Representatives. I ‘guess’ that we all have to assume that they meant 'by a vote of the entire House of Representatives' (as with the Johnson, Nixon and Clinton Impeachments), 'or not'. This latter interpretation is by the Speaker of the House of Representatives who just represents about a half (Democrats) of one-half (House Legislative Branch) of one third (Executive and Judicial/Supreme Court being the other two branches), or about one twelfth of the US Government. Even a large Pelosi House Committee (as Pelosi says is all that is needed for Impeachment) would comprise probably a hundredth part (1%) of the US Government. (Talk about a power grab!). This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of due process provided in the Constitution from the American People by Speaker Pelosi not allowing a vote for Impeachment by the entire House of Representatives.  

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