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General Subject: Immigration


Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 08/17/2017


Facts: In 2011, President Obama publicly stated that it was the function of the US Congress, not his, to establish immigration control and law in the United States, and that it would be unconstitutional for him to do so. Then he did exactly that, the opposite of what he said he couldn't do. Then he attempted to expand on the opposite. FactLegal American Citizens also have dreams and strive to maintain them from being eroded by illegal immigrants. FactJune, 2012 - The Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) was a President Obama fiat, or proclamation (not a Law, not an Executive Order) to temporarily cancel the law concerning deportation of illegal child Immigrants in the United States. FactFeb, 2014 - President Obama attempted to expand DACA, through Executive Order, and make it, in effect a law. FactDec, 2014 - The attempt to expand DACA was deemed Unconstitutional (US District Court of PA). FactJan, 2016 - The attempt to expand DACA was nullified by the US Supreme Court (4-4 decision) Facts: These children (average age of 25 years old, up to 31 years old, and over 800,000 in number) of Illegal Immigrants require immediate use of free limited resources, and available jobs in the United States. This costs, without viable payback, a long-term reduced quality of life (healthcare, money, education, employment) to citizens of the United States, and children of Citizens of the United States, by the Congress no longer allowing US Citizens to control the immigration of people into their United States. Facts: Then the DACA ‘Program’ landed on President Trump’s desk. Today President Trump delayed the cancellation of the DACA program, for empathetic reasons, for six months to give the US Congress time to come up with a ‘compromise’ plan to deal with this problem of illegal immigrant children.  

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This MOT Ballot weighs the DACA theft from American Citizens of jobs and resources, and the theft of time and effort from the hundreds of thousands of those waiting in line to gain legal entry and citizenship, by the President and the Department of Justice not enforcing existing US immigration laws that would deport all Illegal child and adult Immigrants, their Illegal Immigrant parents, and any other Illegal family members whether born in the US or not, as was the case for over 200 years before the Obama Administration.  

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