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General Subject: Racism

White Supremacy

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 11/29/2016


Facts: Yesterday the Democrat Party Communications Director (Ms. Palmieri) said the main reason the Republicans won the Presidential Election of 2016 was due to the ‘racist' ‘White Supremacy’ values of the Republican Party. She added that she would not have wanted to win 'that way'. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

There are more white people in the United States than any other ‘race’ of people. 'Black' people are only 12.7% of the US population according to the 2010 US Census.... less than one-eighth, about 40 million of 320 million. There is no indication that this percentage has increased much in six years. However, in the United States, under the Constitutional blanket of equal justice under the law, Americans recognize only one race that qualifies one to be a U.S. Citizen, member of Congress, or even the President. That 'Race' is the Human Race. There are many cultures of people with different colors of skin that come here wanting to gain Citizenship. Some come here only for exploitation and stealing what is here, not for development or being in a 'Melting Pot' where their culture can come in to work and strive to be part of the unique American culture, and to enjoy the freedoms that they didn't have elsewhere.

In the US, the majority of ELECTORAL votes, representing segments in highly populated local areas of people who may want freebies from the rest of the more productive America of goods and services, and with no race application, largely determine who will be President. And though the number of white people is a 'supreme number', the 'color' provided no basis for electing a Black person to the Presidency, and one who is a minority also.

The 'supremacy of numbers of Whites' has been shortened to 'White Supremacy' for the sole purpose of imposing it on the uninformed, young, and ignorant as an assumed term that means racism against Blacks for the purpose of division and spreading wealth to many who didn't earn it. "Stealing" the meaning of English words is what it, 'White Supremacy', is. 

Again, the number of 'White votes' has nothing to do with voting in accordance with the concept of ‘White Supremacy’. Black people, as mentioned, comprise 12.7% (2010 US Census) of the population, but it is not assumed that because of this percentage they vote for a certain party or person. This country often uses the natural Democratic tenet of 'majority rule', in the Electoral College, the Supreme Court, and in both houses of Congress. The majority of US Citizens are White. This 'supreme' number of White voters in the US does not mean that Whites consider themselves superior or supreme human beings over other 'races' within the Human Race when laws and policies are established. Any racist would have everyone believe the opposite for the purpose of dividing America and grifting for more free money themselves under their egregious and puke-rendering concepts of equality and justice.

Those 'Americans' who use the term 'White Supremacy' as a viable undermining of a majority of American's values, begs a first question to them that has to be resolved before much of a reasonable discussion can exist. That first question to both sides is, "Are you STUPID?" 

This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of the elementary meaning of the words ‘White’ and ‘Supremacy’ by racists parts of the Media spinning the application of those words in combination (White Supremacy) to influence the young, ignorant, and Media-created uninformed, for self esteem, something to do, racial division, and money.

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