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Anchor Babies

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 07/29/2015


Fact: “Anchor Babies” or "Grappling Hook Babies" are children born in the United States by mothers who are illegal immigrants and are given citizenship upon birth. Fact: These "Anchor Babies" (given citizenship upon birth) are also granted the welfare, medical, food stamps, educational, and other US Citizen benefits for themselves and any of their relatives who ‘anchor’ these benefits for themselves by moving into the US after grappling or hooking onto the blood connection with the child, while being allowed to ignore US immigration laws.  Fact: The 14th Amendment (1868) to the Constitution does not address children of illegal immigrants, but rather children of those of the ‘Negro’ population residing in the United States after the Civil War, and who opted to not go back to the country in Africa created for them by the United States and Britain (Liberia). Fact: In 1898 the 14th Amendment was modified for legal immigrants by the Supreme Court to grant citizenship to children of parents of Chinese citizenship and “who have a permanent domicile and residence in the United States.” Fact: Illegal immigrants or their children do not have a permanent residence and domicile in the United States, nor are they legalFact: Subsequent decisions have applied law to the children of foreign nationals of non-Chinese descent, where “Natural Citizenship” = “Born in the United States” applies to those born to American Citizens in places under the legal Jurisdiction of the United States, such as foreign military bases and zones of jurisdiction, which satisfies one qualification to be eligible for election to the Presidency of the United States. (Reference to Senator Goldwater - born in the Arizona Territory of the United States, and Senator McCain - born in the Panama Canal Zone under military jurisdiction of the United States, both of whom, with US Citizen parents, were legally 'Natural Born US Citizens'.) Fact: Today, 'Anchor Baby' is a label attached almost exclusively to those of Hispanic origin, largely because of the close United States proximity to ‘Hispanic’ Cuba, Mexico, Central and South America, and because of the convenient proprietary attitude that the development of the Southern United States was not because of the United States, but because many of Spanish Catholic origin have the same cultural value that that includes, that ‘they were here before everyone else, except Native American 'Indians'. Those that did assimilate legally and become US Citizens, added to our free culture, with benefits of energy expenditure focused toward the prosperity, fairness, and peace desires of basic American human nature and American culture. Fact: Nearly all immigration, except for political asylum on an individual basis, ceased by law into the United states from 1922 to 1965 because of the non-economic capability of the United States to assimilate new people into our 'melting pot'. Largely because of depressions and the effects of war, we couldn't adequately take care of our own Citizens during those times of hardship. This restriction is almost equivalent to not allowing another person into an overloaded boat for fear of sinking the boat and thereby drowning almost everyone aboard. Facts: An exception to all US Citizenship requirements took place with the US-Mexico treaty of Guadeloupe-Hidalgo of 1848 that ended the US-Mexican War. Though the US had conquered Mexico, and the US flag flew over Mexico City for nine months, the US decided to give half of Mexico back to Mexico instead of making Mexico another US State. Also, there were more Americans in 'North America' than Mexicans. Mexicans in this now US territory were not deprived of ownership or use of their lands. In that Treaty, Article 9, all Mexicans living in California, New Mexico, Arizona, Nevada, Utah, Wyoming, and Colorado (where American settlers outnumbered Mexican 'Citizens' anyway) were given immediate full US Citizenship, if desired, with all the rights under the US Constitution (A very important thing to land-owning Mexicans 'north of the border'.) Because the property and human rights were better to them as US Citizens than as Mexican Citizens, and because they didn't have any place they wanted to go back to, history records they all elected American Citizenship for them and their children. There appears no record of any of them moving back to 'Old Mexico'.  

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The constant attempts in the application of American history by those of Liberal and Progressive associations to live their lives entirely within the Margin of Theft (MOT) is exemplified by this ‘Anchor Baby’ methodology to gain unearned products and services in exchange for votes to maintain the scam in perpetuity. The politicians who have supported these MOT practices help undermine, beyond an absorbable level for a free society, the wealth, integrity, freedoms, and opportunities provided by the United States to all US Citizens, and those legal immigrants awaiting Citizenship. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of much short and long term treasure and cultural wealth from America by those who allow and support “Anchor Baby” citizenship and unearned benefits for them and those who illegally 'Grapple', 'Chain Migrate', or illegally immigrate into the US.

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