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Sanctuary Cities

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 07/23/2015


Fact: Three days ago, you the reader, or most of the people you know, never heard the term, “Sanctuary City”. Fact: Today we find that the cities, or parts of, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Detroit, and New York are locally designated as sanctuaries for illegal immigrants in the United States. Fact: These ‘sanctuaries’ do not comply with existing Federal Immigration laws. Fact: The Federal Government has the responsibility for enforcing immigration laws, and the authority to jail those city administrators who ignore and defy these Federal Laws, and who thereby endanger all US citizens. Fact: The above facts were brought to national public light by the murder of a woman by an illegal immigrant who had been convicted of seven felonies in the US and deported five times previously from the US, and had then obtained sanctuary against deportation yet again in the ‘sanctuary city’ of San Francisco, and then free to roam again anywhere.

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It is amazing that this new term, ‘sanctuary city’, that openly ignores our Federal immigration laws, has not been made known by the media on a national level prior to the murder of a bystander by an illegal immigrant. ‘Sanctuary Cities’ have evidently been around for many years, defying US immigration laws, and thereby placing at risk all Americans living in the United States. It is equally amazing that these city officials consider any immigrants their business and not subject to any Federal US immigration law, and that they have not themselves been apprehended for violating Federal US law. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of salary of the President and DOJ officials for not doing the jobs they were contracted in good faith and trust to do by not making any attempt to ensure enforcement of all US immigration laws.

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