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Stupid Americans and the ACA

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 11/10/2014


Fact: MIT Professor and an acknowledged architect/writer of the OBAMACARE law, Jonathan Gruber, referred to the stupidity of Americans as a factor in the wording of the Affordable Care Act (ACA) so that they would not understand what it would really cost them. Fact: Former Speaker of the House of Representatives, Nancy Pelosi, said this week that she had never heard of Mr. Gruber. Fact: In 2009 Representative Pelosi mentioned Doctor Gruber in a video-recorded speech. Fact: Representative Pelosi, prior to the passing of the ACA, is well known for saying, “We will know what’s in it [the ACA] after it has passed.” Fact: The President denied last week knowing Mr. Gruber. Fact: The President mentioned Mr. Gruber, with academic and professional accolades, in a previous speech. Fact: Prior to enactment, it was not made known to the American people that if you didn't buy into the Affordable Care Act, you woud have to pay the Government a yearly fee of $2,000 or go to jail, and that deductables for this Affordable Care, for many millions of Americans would become so high that the Affordable Care Act would not cover the care recieved, which would then have to be paid out of pocket. Fact: The Affordable Care Act, a law, was not required to be purchased by US Congresspersons,or their staffs, or the President, Vice President and their staffs, who had other, private, medical coverage not available to the American public.

Other Facts: As a method of maintaining one’s integrity in the public trust, dueling was outlawed in the days of George Washington. Then, when a person of responsibility in the public trust was accused of lying, the practice of dueling was a method to let God and fate determine the truth through the death of the lie maker by outcome of the contest. This sort of heavenly justice was replaced in the US during the days of George Washington by Libel and Slander laws where lie makers and justice were determined by a court system. Libel and slander laws were initially replaced during the early 20th Century in Soviet Russia by ‘political correctness’ where the lie’s existence, and punishments therefrom, were determined by the dictator. By bypassing the Soviet Union’s court system and with selective short 'show trials', punishment was delegated with more timeliness through immediate death or imprisonment for even untimely ‘politically incorrect smirks’, either in jails or quasi-permanent removal to environmentally dangerous and remote regions of hardship, like Siberia. ‘Political Correctness’ was implemented into the progressive political parties of the US with lesser punishments during the Wilson administration, and adopted later by the NAZI propaganda minister  (Joseph Goebbels) with similar Soviet type punishments during the 1930s. Today, Political Correctness has been accepted in the US as a normal political methodology for limiting transparency and accountability with the reduced punishments of unchecked character defamation, reputation degradation, and the death of careers.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

After the President publicly lied 28 times without apology after being publicly caught lying about the provisions of the Affordable Care Act, without him paying any penalty for betraying the trust of elected Office, lying is becoming an acceptable part of the political process. Getting away with publicly lying, paying no penalty for it, and then charging the public to pay for what was in the lie, ignores any concept that the Citizens, in this case, are free to vote, or who's freedoms and free choice are worthy of any input through Representative Government to any law prior to enactment. “Stupid Americans” is a term that describes voting Americans who are denied information that would have, if provided, made them “Smart Americans" to never again vote for any President or Congressperson who lied to such a harmful and avaricious degree and not for the good of the public or in keeping with any public trustThis MOT Ballot weighs the theft of information from all Americans by President Obama, his Democrat Party Administration, and those in Media power and control who lied about and covered up truthful information that they had the public trust to provide relative to the Affordable Care Act law prior to its enactment

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