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General Subject: Immigration

Illegal Immigration

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 07/07/2014


Fact: The borders of the US are not secure from massive and detrimental illegal entry. Fact: The President has the means and the legal responsibility to maintain US borders for the health and security of US citizens. Fact: The citizens of the US have been denied again what they have elected and paid their President to do.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is concluded that the officials who are not doing their jobs of maintaining national borders for the protection of those who paid them are in the business of theft by collecting compensation without performing the jobs for which they receive compensation.

Illegal Immigration is also an attempt to change the voting base through providing free benefits and ignorance in order to maintain and progress Democrat positions of benefit through theft into the future. This is egregious in that the Constitution allows changing the laws by which the President is bound to abide by and enforce, but  has instead ignored many existing laws by which he is bound to abide by and enforce.

Showing empathy and compassion is an individual right in a free society on a personal level. Forcing the cost of empathy and compassion on a society in keeping with no law is a dictatorship of belief over individual free will and choice. There is no public record, for example, of administrative persons who do not enforce required laws inviting diseased children from foreign lands into their own homes or schools. However, they will chastise others for not doing so. Changing the law to allow hearings prior to deportation after illegal entry was a mistake of false compassion that has allowed this President to invite illegal entry on the guarantee of a hearing before deportation, which is inviting an illegal entry with a proposed guarantee of immunity from the law. This he has also done with 'pen and phone' by spreading the word in Central America that anyone who gets across our border illegally is then legally free to make up addresses of relatives here for a place to stay or to roam about at will inside our melting pot, using our resources at our expense, against us if so motivated. This 'compassion' has openly legalized terrorists, for example, to legally set up shop and operate here up until our authorities can find them, also at taxpayer's expense, and give them a fair hearing.

This President has attached amnesty to all 'Comprehensive Immigration Laws' proposed that address the necessity of border control. There has been no compromise in this Administration’s refusal to consider any law that addresses only closing or controlling the borders. There was a compromise made by President Reagan to consider and grant amnesties while closing the borders. The result was that over eleven million illegal immigrants were allowed amnesty which was President Reagan’s part of the agreement. However the borders remained open, and remain open, in direct violation of the Congressional (Democratic) part of that agreement (law).

This Administration is non-compromising in demanding that most of the American people remain just as dumb now as in the past and trust a new similar law with the same political party. In 2003 President Saddam Hussein of Iraq hid behind the compassionate display of using women and children as human shields for protection against bombs. This President is doing the same by using women and children as human shields during dangerous trafficking for terrorists, drug dealers, sex and slave human traffickers, and other drainers of the resources of the United States, with the goal of obtaining future (Democrat Party) voting power without the previous requirements for US citizenship. Illegal immigrants include students, workers, and others who were here legally for a designated period of time but remain after that period of time has expired. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of American wealth, lives, and peace of mind, by this President's and the Democrat Party's actions against laws they are empowered in trust to enforce that close and control the US borders to illegal immigrants.

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