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Cultural critic Jake Dilloway writes, "While identifying the most important issues facing citizens today, presents a venue wherein one can simply go to the site, answer pertinent questions and, instantaneously, see how their beliefs match or differ with the consensus of their fellow users. Having the ability to put your finger on the pulse of the American consciousness with just one click of the button could not be more important than in today's political climate."


Theft herein = the stealing of US Citizen's taxpayer money, time, lives, health, security, justice, American integrity, human logic, common sense, truth, and trust in government and the Media. US actions of theft are listed in 'All Ballots', and also listed by general subject category in 'Subjects'. Those actions voted on average to be ‘Insane’ are listed in 'Statistics', Report 2.


The MOT Poll is an entertainment and education website that polls American residents for their feelings on major US concerns in the news about perceived theft. Polling results are instant, informative, and can be seen worldwide from any WiFi connection. The MOT Poll is also a Report from people in the United States that grades the Government and the Media on what they have done, and not done, to inhibit keeping US Citizens safe and economically sound in order to enable their individual pursuits of happiness. 

The MOT Poll employs a similar methodology as that used by Americans, and the MOT creator, to investigate airline accidents. It gathers facts, and with the powers of association among facts, it evaluates further associations with logic, fairness, common sense, basic human decency, integrity, history, and the law, and then determines who, if anyone, is the thief, or cause of the 'accident'. ((In all the years of the National Transportation Safety Board's existence (since 1974) only once has the cause of any aircraft accident been determined to be "an act of God".))  The investigative authority then lets the existing judicial system, if not part of the theft, determine what should be done to keep that theft from happening again. If the existing judicial system is found to show corruption to a degree which threatens the implementation of the American Constitution, then a legal gnashing of teeth, also provided within the Constitution, will take place. If the Constitution is ignored or cheated on to an extent where the people who created and improved the US Constitution are 'legally' igored themselves, and cheated on without punishment or a cessation of their possible future theft, then, by definition, there is no Republic. It has been stolen. 

An Overview: Theft is a natural tendency with which nearly all humans and animals begin life. In humans, society places prohibitions and punishments on theft. One of the Ten Commandments is simply, “Thou Shalt not Steal”. Most, through nurturing, are schooled to not need to steal, that only a fair profit is essential, because profit, whether physical, spiritual, or emotional, is a human need to gain from work beyond what it takes for mere survival. Otherwise this profit-gain often involuntarily goes to others, called theft, and the worker can eventually become a slave or serf to the thief. There is no absolute line where profit ends and theft begins. Some thieves legitimize their thievery through position, power, and influence as in declaring a service provided, rarely a product. Some thieves, usually after living their lives through thievery and not providing a product or real service themselves, attempt to get even more for nothing. When this ‘even more’ action cannot realistically result in any good for even the thieves themselves in the short and long term, it is herein called an insane or evil action.

The MOT Poll has sample numbers of people's opinions that are comparable with other polls, except there is no MOT Poll voter distinction relative to gender, age, race, political party, or other association. MOT voters are categorized as members of the Human Race, with computer keyboard and English Language skills.
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MOT=  Margin OTheft = That area of action that lies past profit and before insanity. It is an area where theft takes place. Some persons are known to spend their entire 'working' lives within the MOT. Many spend much time testing the two boundaries of the MOT margin (profit and insanity), where estimates of fair profit end, and where insanity begins, with theft in between.

Margin of Theft (MOT) =  Actions judged by MOT writers and readers to lie between fairly earned profit, and insanity

Beyond Slavery, Serfdom, or Mere Survival = Profit area,  Beyond Profit = Theft area,  Beyond Theft = Insanity or evil.

MOT Poll basis for Ballot conclusions on theft:

It is considered herein that profit in goods and services, including emotional and spiritual profit, is the driving motivation behind politics, work, money, philosophy, advancement, family, religion, power, beauty, competition and creativity. Often this gain from work past mere survival is attained through an unfair action called theft at the expense of others in trade, sports, and the pursuit of power for 'free' money, property, service, perks, and esteem. MOT research indicates that it is a natural human need or desire to get something more, for nothing, or for much less than what it takes for others to get the same things. And taken to extremes of theft past profit, the result can become worse than theft, called insanity. (Theft is at least good for someone, the thief, if not caught and punished.) This extreme of living completely within the Margin of Theft  usually becomes manifest by the actions of people in society who have a history of producing little or no product or service to society themselves. Instead they seek a permanent existence living within the Margin Of Theft, where positions of power and influence can maintain the unearned luxuries often associated with those positions, often for generations within a single family or cult.

Also, few Motsters have taken, or had the opportunity (since WWII) to take, any civics courses during school years that show the responsibilities of action and behavior that is required within American society in keeping actions in compliance with the laws of the US Constitution. And more often than not they behave, as the late radio announcer Rush Limbaugh described, "like spoiled-brat adolescents" when they don't get their way. The MOT Poll analyses finds Motsters often throwing what can be called tantrums (in various forms) until they get their way, and then when caught lying, and when they don't get their way for (buying) power, influence, or money, they move on without apology for wasting everyone's time, and search for the next opportunity for theft. As members of a political ‘Swamp’, MOT Dwellers also rarely get laid off or fired, when actually not working for the products or services they get for money received. The 'Swamp'  has been doing much or most Government and Media hiring for at least a hundred years.

An underlying basis to keep in mind is that the MOT Poll users see that voting herein is relative to what is good for America. Many guilty of theft, especially in politics, behind the curtains of subterfuge and lying, silently and gleefully see what MOT voters consider insane, is to them, pure profit. Motsters, by nature, are mainly interested in what is money-good short term up front for them in exchange for promises to be fulfilled at far later dates, often like presenting non-scientific and unfair data concerning Global Warming, Climate Change, Carbon Footprints, and various viruses.

Credibility of Poll Votes Being Counted: MOT Poll ballot vote counting is indicated on screen the instant that his/her vote has been 'sent' by the voter. The vote becomes part of an average weight, and that number can be seen by the voter changing up or down, on-screen, when the voter (sender) presses the ‘Send’ button. This is why the average weight of  the theft number is taken to four decimal places to the right of the decimal point. It can show a change that each single vote makes among thousands made that instant to the average weight. And this average number for that voting instant in time is recorded and locked in the 'Cloud' forever, and cannot be changed until another voter votes on that Ballot, while your vote is locked in time and record.

Ballot Voting Risk: This is determined by the user, who may be concerned that someone is physically looking over their shoulder when accessing the on their computing device. There may be a voter who thinks someone is spying on him/her to try and see who is viewing or voting from a WiFi location in your restaurant, airplane, doctor's place, office, or home. However there is virtually no risk at this time of anyone seeing you on the MOT Poll, or how you voted.

MOT Poll databaseThe MOT Poll and its database of Ballots provide a valuable and nearly costless (not free) educational and entertainment methodology. 

Voting times and locations: Votes ('Sends') are limited to people within the United States with access to WiFi's -  a coverage that carpets the entire country and most of the world. Votes are further limited to one per day, per Ballot, per US WiFi address, as in, 'one vote per 24 hours, per Ballot, per any single Starbucks Coffee Shop, home, office, waiting area, airplane WiFi, or store location'. Remaining time before voting again on the same MOT Ballot is allowed, can be seen on screen when voting is attempted before the required 24 hours wait has expired at that WiFi location, for that Ballot.

Ballot Facts: Ballot 'Facts', videos, and photographs are obtained from historical records, ABC, NBC, FOX, CBS, CNN, MSNBC, NewsMax, and major US newspapers and radio stations, all in the public domain. 'Facts' in the MOT Poll Ballots are considered 'Facts' when reported the same in both the 'left-liberal' and 'right-conservative' public news sources, without 'journalism' or opinions. For those Ballots that refer simply to the "President", please note the "Ballot Creation Date" to determine who the President was at the time. On many Ballots, the reader can click on words that are blue in color for further references on the subject.

Voter Agreement with Facts and conclusions: Ballot voters can designate whether they agree or not with the facts and/or conclusions presented, and still vote a weight of theft. This allows the US reader the personal range between agreeing with nothing presented and still voting 'insanity', and agreeing with everything and voting 'zero theft'/ 'no problem'. A voter can also not agree or not disagree (no opinion) with Facts and/or Conclusions, and still vote a weight of theft.

Statistics: Vote percentages of these agreements/non-agreements/no-inputs are provided in Ballots listed in Report 1 in the 'Statistics' section. Voters are unrestricted by age, gender, or affiliations. Anyone in the US who is aware enough to read and operate a computer keyboard or cellphone can be an anonymous MOT self-pollster/voter. These agreements/non-agreements/'no-inputs' are also statistics contained for each Ballot in the "Statistics" section, Report 1. Report 2 in “Statistics” lists all Ballots whose average weight of theft is ‘insane’…in descending order starting from ‘most insane’.

Translations: The MOT Poll can be translated into any of 103 languages by utilizing the translation box in the upper-right corner of all pages.

Search WindowTo see if the MOT Poll has any past theft reference to any current item of interest, type what is desired in the Search Window and see if there is a Ballot that applies. If one were to type in "Warren", for example, two ballots of the past will appear that mention Senator Elizabeth Warren. If one were to type in, "Ebola" today (2019), one ballot created in 2014 will appear to vote on if desired, and one can thereby be aware if anything significant has been done, and not done, about the subject of that poll Ballot since. 

Some MOT terminology:

MOT culture: A parasitic infection dedicated to theft and not making things, or not providing a service for legal profit. It has been most associated with gangs, the Mafia, and pre-civilized tribes.

MOTsters: People of a MOT culture who are also members of, or affiliated with, a cult, click, government, or religion. A full-time MOTster is one who is allowed to live their lives completely within the Margin of Theft where little or no product or service from them for society can be detected. They can often be identified by them using 'free' unearned high quality things and services from society. Today in the US, many Congresspersons fall within the 'full time' application of this definition. 

MOT Squad: A group dedicated to ferreting out and identifying MOTsters. Squad theme song is, "The Monster Mash" (1962) by Bobby Pickett imitating Boris Karloff. "It is a graveyard smash, and caught on in a flash. It is the Monster Mash!!" ('Motster' and 'Monster' can become inter-changeable by those familiar with the website, 

MOT Dwellers: Those whose primary physical needs for food, shelter, and clothing are provided by government or parents/relatives for periods of time and coverage past initial human needs and welfare considerations. This includes many second and third generation full-time welfare recipient families, children of over-indulgent parents, and many US Congresspersons.

MOTus Operandi: Methodologies particular to MOT organizations include hypocricy, stealth, lying, vague wordings, hidden agendas, sleight of hand, head fakes, double standards, and creating confusion, negative emotions, and division. A particular MO of motsters is the head-fake of accusing and blaming others for what they have done, are doing, or plan to do themselves.

Castle-Potentate MOT Extortion Scam: A Medieval practice of people in high places taking things from passers-by in exchange for not throwing rocks down on them. It is a primitive method of extortion similar to those practiced by Principalities, Duchies, Earldoms, trade route choke-point controllers, and many Mid Eastern countries today.   

Jabba the MOT: A MOTster with a secret desire to eat the planet.

AINOAmerican In Name Only

Moochment: A MOT 'Movement'

Other 1: A main attribute of the MOT Poll is its longevity of application. One can be against "Sanctuary Cities" in 2015, for example, and address/vote the problem in 2015. And so, the Media may let you have your say in the interest of free speech. But then, you've had your say, and the Media drops the subject forever. But things change, new information may have become available, and US people may feel differently about Sanctuary Cities in 2020. But the subject has not been extant in the news again, and Sanctuary Cities, in all their unconstitutionality, are still there, and have increased in size to be some Sanctuary States with higher crime rates. The MOT Poll lets one vote today on the same subject, as allowing more, less, or no government theft taking place in 2021, as was taking place in 2015. A bottom line here, for example, is that most US residents thought 'Sanctuary Cities' were insane for their country to allow in 2015, and there was no further voting allowed in the Media on the subject. This brings to bear the final question...If it was 'insane' then, and could probably be considered more 'insane' now, then why has nothing been done about it for the past six years? Not a single administrator in jail? The MOT Poll keeps the question current until it is resolved one way or the other. No hiding under the transient rock of subterfuge.  

Other 2: Insane and Crazy - To call or judge someone "Insane" or "Crazy" means little without an understandable and acceptable definition or reference from which the judger can judge. MOT Ballot judgements are largely based on a desire to recognize and avoid actions of 'insanity' in a society. MOT 'Profit ' is considered good for the individual and society. MOT 'Theft ' is considered bad for society, but can be considered good for at least some when they are not caught and punished. MOT 'Insanity ' is considered bad or evil for everyone eventually, both victims and thieves. "Evil" is herein more simply defined as something just really bad for the happiness of humans, instead of some bug-eyed general cosmically defined word meaning horror, terrorism, death and darkness to all 'good' people... 'insane' actions are also parasitic in nature, where eventually the described actions result in the host society being eaten or consumed both physically and spiritually by individual parasites until both 'entities' are dead or lifeless.

Other 3: A good way to evaluate and identify Motsters is to simply observe and note that they tend to make look bad those in society, unlike themselves, who build things, grow things, and provide viable services for the good of most everyone. 

Other 4: For a video of Hollywood and other celebrity Motster politically biased persons during the 2016 election, click on

Other 5:  For an historical difference between a Democracy and a Republic, click on

Other 6: The website, software, and copyrighted process methodology is owned by Motpoll, LLC, a Virginia (US) Corporation, and affiliates. 

Other 7: Below is a New York review (2018) of the website:

"Unique Website Holds the Government Accountable Through the Voice of the Masses

August 13 2018 - 03:30AM
PR Newswire (US)

NEW YORK, Aug. 13, 2018 /PRNewswire-PRWeb/ -- The Mot Poll is a new and inventive website that lets people weigh in and vote on contemporary issues and see their vote counted instantly as well as see what others think. Ballots on a range of topics contain information/facts that readers vote as truth or not truth, and then do the same for the analysis/conclusion reached. Drawing in part on the democratic and free model established by author John Macidull's book Election 2016 and the Margin of Theft, is an online forum that allows users to weigh in and help to statistically determine the Margin of Theft— or how much damage— the government and infiltrators' policies and practices are causing to the country, according to the site.

As cultural critic Jake Dilloway writes, "[this site] allows users to proffer their opinions and, through an easily navigable online form, have their voices heard in a meaningful, statistical conglomeration… thereby bestowing agency onto the public through a deeper understanding of the consequences of domestic and foreign policy."

While identifying the most important issues facing citizens today, presents a venue wherein one can simply go to the site, answer pertinent questions and, instantaneously, see how their beliefs match or differ with the consensus of their fellow users. Having the ability to put your finger on the pulse of the American consciousness with just one click of the button could not be more important than in today's political climate.

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Poll Yourself and Weigh the Theft. See where We The People were and are being cheated. Use MOT Poll words, reason, and data to help get rid of parasites who are stealing American's health, wealth, and happiness. 

Poll Yourself and Weigh the Theft. See when many of We The People were boarded, against our laws, onto a Freedonn-to-Death Barge. Use MOT Poll words, reason, and data to kill parasites and keep your wealth. 

Poll Yourself and Weigh the Theft. See when We The People were boarded, against our laws, onto Freedom's Death Ride. Get American Wealth back into American Lives. 

Poll Yourself and Weigh the Theft. See when We The People were boarded, without our law, onto Freedom's Death Ride. Use MOT Data and Words. Get Your Wealth back into Your Lives. 

Poll Yourself and Weigh the Theft. See when We The People were boarded onto Death Rides for Freedom. Use MOT Data and Words. Get Your Wealth back into Your Lives.

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