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General Subject: Veterans

VA Scandal

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 05/18/2014


Fact: The VA (Veterans Administration) was caught changing documentation that delayed and ignored veterans’ health care which eliminated the necessity of providing that requested care due to the veteran dying before the requested care could have prevented the death of the veteran. Fact: Those responsible for the delays by changing the documentation did so in order to gain a monetary bonus made available to them if certain records were altered. These delays, some comprising permanent removal of veterans from waiting lists, resulted in death from essential, time-critical but available health care. Fact: VA funding by the Congress, or lack of actual dispersal of funds to the VA have not been historically considered a factor in the quality or timeliness of health care to veterans. Fact: When these facts were made public, the US President responded by saying that a committee would be established to get to the bottom of this terrible situation (consisting of established facts) that had been going on for decades before him, and that he himself had promised to do something about ‘it’ during his first campaign for President over five years ago. Fact: The President did nothing about it.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

In light of similarities with other major ‘scandals’ of this President’s tenure (Wall Street bonuses, Gulf oil spill, IRS, Fast & Furious, Black Panther criminal immunity, Arizona lawsuit, Benghazi, balanced budget, and numerous Constitutional violations) a standard operation methodology is apparent. This methodology is essentially ‘bait-and-switch’. People are promised things as bait, and then when the votes are attained to gain power, perks, money, and unearned esteem, the operation (actions of agreed trade) is switched to where what was promised, including a modicum of transparency and accountability, results in no effective actions taken for complying with that part of the agreement. It is simple theft by not paying the agreed price of a product or service. This underlying MOTus Operandi results in theft when ‘guarantees’ for aid or support are not honored, and murder when aid or support is withheld after sending people into known harms way. (Cover-ups are separate, after-the-fact crimes.) Criminal negligence is the lesser of probable prosecution considerations than murder, does not clearly fall into the MOT margin or border area of insanity, and the voter should therefore weigh his or her feelings about this VA situation more subjectively. However, to one who is an enemy of the United States the actions in all these ‘scandals’ would clearly fall within the MOT border area of Profit for the enemy, but probably Insanity for an American. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of life by the actions of Administration officials whose names can be identified and who participated directly and indirectly in the premature deaths of veterans who fell within their areas of responsibility

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