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General Subject: Transportation Incidents

Malaysia Airliner Disappearance

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 03/07/2014


Facts: As of 3/24/2014: According to ICAO (International Civil Aviation Organization), the United States agrees to assist other countries in their accident investigations involving US manufactured aircraft. US participation in this agreement primarily includes expertise and expense provided by the US NTSB  (National Transportation Safety Board). The ‘accident’ country, under this agreement, controls the investigation. The purpose of all aircraft accident investigations is to help prevent future similar accidents. Terrorism, sabotage, and suicide are not accidents. The beginning point of an accident investigation is therefore to determine the fact of an accident. And the normal proof of an accident lies with the forensic analysis of wreckage, and the human aspects of communication, procedure, and training. The controlling country, Malaysia, has thus far provided other interested parties and participants (other countries and survivors) only partial and interpreted recordings of raw data (radio recordings, radar, transponder, maintenance printouts, cargo manifests, and altered photographs). Terrorism, sabotage, or suicide possibilities (non-normal 'human factor' considerations) comprise a parallel effort of which the determination of existence of any of these would end further reason to pursue forensic accident information. The establishment of one (accident) would eliminate endeavors concerning the other (terrorism, etc.).

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The withholding of primary data and information from all participants can be considered a theft of information from the participants of the investigation by depriving them of what was agreed to be a combined effort for the common goal of determining a cause. The ensuing confusion caused by partial availability of critical information increases the heartbeats of time wasted on stress and energies of concern. Third world autocracies, without the full benefits of technical awareness, rely more on maintaining face and personal esteem values through the power of information possession than on the technical advantages that a free democracy may provide them. The news at this time is the lack of news concerning available information where those in power attempt to become the self-determiners of fact through control of information. Without the raw data that has not been made available, and lack of forensic material to analyze, 'sending' NTSB personnel to the other side of the world constitutes little more than a political junket of no value to the taxpayers of the United States. This MOT Ballot weighs the waste (theft) of NTSB investigative resources sent to this area where there is nothing relative upon which to look.

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