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Transgender Sports

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 10/20/2021


Fact: This week, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott is poised to sign a bill barring transgender youth from participating on school sports teams that align with their gender identity. Fact: The measure requires public schools from elementary to collegiate levels to assign athletes based on the sex noted on their birth certificates “at or near the time of birth.” Fact: Texas has one of the largest transgender populations in the United States. Fact: A main, evidently ‘newsworthy’ person against this bill, Rachael Gonzales, stated, “My daughter is a trans Latinx kid in Texas — and she’s going to grow up to be a trans Latinx woman,” and, “These lawmakers are emboldening violence by voting on whether transgender people have a right to exist and live their lives.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This proposed law, that essentially prohibits born biological males from competing against born biological females in physical sports in Texas, is a law of a degree of unfairness of which Americans have no training, experience, or desire to address or pursue. It would probably be best for all who are against such a law to be just empathetically ignored to live their own lives, much as transvestites have been publicly ignored in the past, with no platform for representing a particular transvestite view on the public's non-acceptance of some non-improvement to society or insane opinion.

However, with a ridiculously comprehensive fairness, instead of just signing a law to prohibit, perhaps the law should include conditions for acceptance, with exceptions to the proposed law. The first exception, of course, would be, as with the Affordable Care Act, to exclude all members of Government and their staffs and children from this proposed rule of law. Then there are a myriad of things to require for a fairness to the competition among males and females in sports, like equal muscle mass. This consideration is simplified by the fact that there are no female members of any major male US sport…. like basketball, football, tennis, soccer, or golf, of which no female seems to have biologically been competitive with biological males, though there are probably exceptions to consider. This leaves transgender males to publicly consider being fairly competitive in female sports, as they have already been competitively excluded from fair male sports. Here we have a subculture of 'queers' (Nothing against homosexuals, as herein accepting the Q for one of the conditions in American LBGTlanguage), and physically often altered by snipping a sexual appendage, who are born males, but identify as female. Fine. Only in America. ‘Identify Away’, but don’t pedal your chosen or not-chosen identity condition as a money-grifting philosophy that accuses Americans of being unfair or denying someone of their, “right to exist and live their lives”, which is the bottom-line lie of what these transgender advocates do for 'grifting' with another minority belief and using American freedoms for money, perks, and fake esteem. And, as happened last week in Virginia, don't wear a skirt because you identify yourself as female, go into a women's shower, locker, or restroom and then commit rape. There are punishments for this abuse of muscle power in human societal history that make a painful bullet to the heart as punishment for this crime look like a free ride to the next life.

This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft by the Democrat Party and Main Street Media of American fairness, integrity, and sanity, by forcing energy expenditure to fight and spend money against a belief in transgender physical equality just because a few believe that transgender physical equality can exist between the two sexes when the 'trans' universally shows otherwise, and especially when this 'fight' requires a depletion of available resources away from the energy now required for American cultural survival and identity.

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