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Hurricane Information

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Fact: About 90 percent of hurricane fatalities are cause by water (drowning), not wind. Fact: About 50 percent of water drowning fatalities in hurricanes are caused by being trapped inside or near automobiles while trying, too late, to evacuate the flooding area. Fact: Evacuation routes and emphasis to hurricane victims are largely related by the Main Stream Media (MSM) during the days and hours when avoidance and escape are possible. Fact: During Hurricane Dorian (September, 2019) some MSM broadcasts, during hours before possible evacuation in areas of impending danger, was spent on the possibility presented by the “Squad” of Congresswomen who said Hurricane Dorian was being caused by "Climate Change". 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is assumed, with a high probability, that the 'Squad' of Congresswomen [See Ballot, The 'Squad', 07/06/2019] and others in the Democrat Party meant by the term, "Climate Change", to actually mean, "Climate Changed by Humans". It is well known, and obvious to the most casual of observers, that the Earth's global climate has been changing by itself, at various rates and degrees throughout history, without any influence by human beings. Some local air quality in cities has been changed by humans causing and regulating automobile emissions. However, discussing or relating global 'Climate Change' cause-speculation steals available time for relating, during critical times for many, and some information and awareness necessary for human survival is lost. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the Media of critical survival information from the public for political purposes

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