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Kaepernick, Quarterback

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 08/30/2017


Fact: A pro football player, Colin Kaepernick, chose to ‘sit-out’ or kneel, to separate himself from others singing the National Anthem, an American tradition performed before public sports events. Fact: Kaepernick has done this in protest of “Police Brutality”. Fact: Now he is complaining about the ‘Football Leagues’ not giving him a job, after having a locked-in contract, whether he plays or not, for approximately $19 Million/year for five years.

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Colin Kaepernick claims, by action, appearance, and words, to be a minority. One cannot argue against that. Kaepernick is a half-Black who was adopted by a White couple early in his youth, and was given every affirmative action advantage. His performance as an entertainer [Professional Football Player] has been good. But you can’t expect Americans to buy tickets to see your performance if they don’t like what you do on or by the playing field of contest. It throws a damper on the occasion that presents the opposite of what the audience wants and expects. People don’t buy as many tickets for such diversionary actions, and the investors, owners, and employees of the football business cannot shoot themselves in the foot economically by allowing political expression to override the entertainment presented that is their life’s vocation to produce. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs a player's theft of football owner and employee incomes, with Media brokered time and involvement, by bringing unconnected political concerns into the accepted sanctity, sanctuary, and integrity of major sports events.

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