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TWA 800 Accident Investigation

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Fact: On July 17, 1996 a TWA Boeing 747-131 (Flight 800) crashed off the coast of New York with the loss of all 230 lives aboard.

Facts: The Independent Safety Board Act, 1974 (Public Law 93-633) gave the NTSB aircraft accident investigative authority over all other Government organizations, and is, "totally separate and independent from any other department, bureau, commission, or agency of the United States." - Public Law 93-633.

Fact: The FBI had no legal authority, nor was it equipped to investigate airline accidents, yet it was ‘in charge’ of this forensic 'civil' investigation by running a parallel 'criminal investigation' which produced no findings.

Facts : Initial physical facts of the 'what' of TWA 800: At night, at minimum 120 eyewitnesses on the ground, the water, and in the air saw all or parts of a sequence of events at the same time that took place in the air. Individually and collectively they saw a stream or beam of light nearly as long as a normal full moon is wide. They saw this stream of light rise from near the surface of the ocean water to a place higher up in the sky. This light ended at an observed place in the sky where a fireball instantly took its place in the sky. Wreckage and passengers of TWA 800 were subsequently found on the ocean and ocean floor directly under where this fireball was reported to have been through witness time and triangulation records. These eyewitness accounts are identical to that of any flame-gas propelled rocket or missile that is guided toward an airborne object. These eyewitness accounts are also identical to any airborne object exploding as a result of the detonation of explosive material inside or near it. Physical evidence of recovered, identified parts of the TWA 800 aircraft were of the aircraft in several pieces. The positions of many of these pieces on the ocean floor were pieces that did not become pieces after impact with the ocean. They became pieces while TWA 800 was in the air, and were spread on the ocean floor farther apart from connecting pieces than was possible with ocean currents or drift during the time before recovery.

Fact: No B-747s were ever grounded for an inspection of possible central fuel tank failures or possible system failures. In the past if an aircraft component or system is suspected as a cause of a catastrophe, all similar U.S. manufactured aircraft are grounded by the FAA for inspection worldwide by the following day. 

Fact: Surface to Air and Air to Air guided missiles have proximity fuses, contact fuses, post penetration fuses, or a combination thereof. To publicly state that metallurgical analysis proved an internal explosion from the central fuel tank area does not eliminate the obvious possibility of a normal post penetration fuse activation prior to an explosion. What it does say is that there was no missile expert involved in the forensic analysis of wreckage, nor any metallurgical analysis of metal bending first in then out from the fuselage area as would happen with a post penetration fused missile. Nor was there any information on what kind of surface to air missiles were in the area at the time.

Fact: There was no publicly known amount of monetary survivor compensation: TWA 800 was built by Boeing. Boeing has a 'blanket' insurance program for survivor compensation regardless of fault. Who can be sued? The same type policy was enacted after the Air Florida B-737 accident. Boeing paid survivors (and lawyers) over $35M , even though it was proven factually that the B-737 was beyond a shadow of a doubt not at fault.

Fact: All eyewitness accounts were discounted by the FBI. There was no formal triangulation and time analysis done of how many saw what, where they were, and when they were there. This information would have negated the NTSB probable cause being that of an explosion that originated from inside the center fuel tank.

Facts: The NTSB did not exercise its legal mandate. The NTSB was created to prevent future similar accidents. To do this it was given  the authority of being independent, unbiased, and without vested interest except to determine the cause of accidents and to make recommendations to the FAA for legal considerations. Instead of finding a cause to an accident, they, under the guise of the FBI, focused on trying to find if there had been an accident at all. Failing to do this, coupled with the FBI also focusing outside their mandate in trying to find an accident in the facts, they allowed the entire investigative effort to be left in a fog of non-fault, non-accident, non-sabotage, non-terrorism, non-human error, and non-determination of anything that could possibly prevent a future similar tragedy, or give peace of mind and closure to the survivors of the 230 passengers and crew of the "Accident". 


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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

TWA 800 was struck and destroyed by a surface-to-air missile. This missile was either human-guided, or launch-and-forget self-guided after target acquisition and launch by a human. This launch was either intentional or by mistake. The 'who' and 'why' of this missile launch remain unknown at this time. Some of the obfuscation and cover-up of determining information was made by known government organizations. These organizations had identifiable people in them who had positions of authority at the time. Since no one was 'in charge' of the investigation, it remains an accident that was determined not to be a criminal act, but an accident whose 'Probable Cause' investigation was conducted by an organization (not with NTSB procedures and expertise) that was only responsible for non-accidents (the FBI), under the guise of the FBI determining the cause of a non-accident described as an accident with the self-assigned authority to stipulate that the whole effort was not in their area of authority. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of the enforcement of laws by the President, Media, and the Congress from US Citizens that allowed the inexperienced FBI to take charge of a US airline accident investigation, and by allowing the NTSB taking tax-paid salaries while not doing their payed-for Government jobs.

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