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Deflate - Gate

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Fact: A precedent is MOT Ballot, “Football Scandals  9/20/2014”. Fact: During an NFL football game it was alleged on the news that many of the footballs used had been deflated to less air pressure than what was allowed by accepted regulations. Fact: Three days of prime-time news has been headlined and discussed as to who, what, why, or when concerning the deflation of these footballs. Fact: Nature has not been considered as the ‘culprit’. Fact: If a football is inflated at an inside room temperature to a certain air pressure, the football air pressure will decrease after the football is moved to a colder temperature. A change in altitude can also have an effect on the change in football air pressure. Fact: There are sources of information relative to changes of pressures inside of footballs that could have been employed prior to any blame being thrown about on the news. Fact: Among these sources are the US NTSB (National Transportation Safety Board that investigates airline accidents), and approximately 50,000 college, high school physics classes in the US who, given the inside and outside temperatures and altitudes of the football’s histories before use, can determine whether or not a lowering of pressure could have been nature-caused.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Until or unless natural causes for football deflation are eliminated at the start, all that follows concerning blame is noise. Also, to “inflate” or “deflate” indicates a human action. To use “a lowering of pressure” to mean “deflate” implies a willful human action, which in this case would involve breaking the rules. This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of theft of dedicated time by the TV media from viewers, especially from those who love football and who don't like their time wasted on red-herrings, that a US high schooler could figure out.

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