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Football Scandals

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 09/19/2014


Fact: For three days NFL player’s and coaches’ personal non-football activities have been the first on the evening news coverage by the main stream media (ABC, NBC, CBS, MSNBC). Fact: Prime news time is limited and news subjects are selected by news companies that hold FCC (Federal Communication Commission) licenses that mandate policies that insure non-discrimination on the basis of race or color.


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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The TV news has an audience that responds to media coverage and advertisement.  Football fans are interested in the sport of football. However the entire ‘captive’ news audience was subjected to three days of individual player-related personal problems and conflicts at the beginning of limited news times in lieu of news that directly effects the personal lives and security of all in the audience, which is not football. Nearly all of these personally scrutinized players are black. This semi-forced exposure to personal legal problems of a few black football players has been described as, “voyeuristic preening with pornographic pandering.” However this is actually a head-fake of diverting attention away from important vital and critical information, and toward again promoting racism by emphasizing to a high degree black indiscretions as if color were a part of a problem, regardless of validity. A similar thing was done by government authority in 2010 when the US Attorney General ordered the FBI to stand down all ongoing and future prosecutions of New Black Panther member violations of voting laws (See MOT Ballot: DOJ Directive of 4/23/2010). And in 2012 the President, during litigation, said publicly that the dead black person being legally scrutinized for his actions could have been ‘my own son’(See MOT Ballot: Zimmerman Hate Crime 2/26/2012). This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of theft of dedicated time by the TV media from viewers who could care less about the marriage problems of a few individuals, or more invented racism through promoting black (who comprise 12.7% of American population - 2010 Census) attention-getting.

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