Privacy Policy

At the, we respect the privacy of our users and the importance of the information they entrust to us by keeping no individual records, since they don't exist. This privacy is respected by anonymous voting. There is no identification of the voter expressing their feelings, or any reader reading, except the assumption that a human being is pressing the keys on a computer keyboard somewhere in the United States when a vote is made. 

What information do we collect?

When a user visits our website, our server automatically separates the USA IP address from foreign addresses for the purpose of Ballot voting. Readership is not limited. But our program allows only USA residents to express their 'weight of theft' for the Ballot they visit. For foreign visitors, the website is open for reading and the statistics on the suspected thefts on Ballots. 

How do we collect the information for the Ballots?

We observe subjects, and place Ballots under those subjects. The Subjects and Ballots are on the happenings, current and past, from the USA that are suspected of involving thievery by MOT Poll writers. The MOT Poll is not a news-reporting entity, though MOT Poll statistics can be considered news. It targets Government and Media subjects and collects data, images, content, and facts from the public media and documented histories relative to suspected theft. It provides it's own analyses and conclusions, upon which readers can self-poll. We do not purchase or trade information from any agency. We do not sell data on this website, which is already in the public domain in real time. It is already available instantly and without purchase. The MOT Poll is a fabric that can bind together US values of fairness and solidarity. At minimum, it offers a basis for what can be considered reasonable discussion by those in the human experience that may freely elect to put their two cents into the mix.

Do we generate revenue from the content of the website?

The information on our website is open for the public, and collected from public media reporters, not journalists or commentators. Therefore we cannot generate revenue from that information as it is easily available anywhere and is in the Public Domain. We only provide the statistics on the suspected thefts as defined within Except for credible accuracy, the data is not for our internal purpose. There is no user registration to the MOT Poll website required to read or vote. There is no sale of user data to a third party. It is instantly in the public domain.

From where do we generate revenue?

We generate revenue by placing advertiser posts of business ads on our website, and from contributions. We are not liable for the content or third party links on the advertisements placed by our vendors. We also sub-let space at a universal standard rate based on public usage for Google and other ad global websites.

Your Consent

By using our site, you consent to our website privacy policy. This says in part, "If you have any questions, comments, or suggestions about the MOT Poll or our Privacy Policy, please feel free to contact us at, available with one click for messaging in the Menu 'Contact' section of" Although it still does say this, the 'Contact' selection has been abused where the address is now used mostly for 'spam' messages to an extent to where it is no longer usable to MotPoll employees, who would have to read and sift out non-pertinent chaff that time and available energy do not allow. So, don't bother with this option now. It will be changed or eliminated with time.  

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