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General Subject: IRS

IRS Computer Reporting

Ballot creation date: 06/19/2014


Fact: IRS employee, Lois Lerner, last year verbally exercised her 5th Constitutional Amendment rights and refused to testify after making an opening statement (testimony) that legally negated her 5th Amendment rights. One cannot, in accordance with jurisprudence testify in a court of law without the court’s allowance for cross-examination. She was not punished for being ‘held in contempt’. Fact: Ten days ago the TV and radio news media reported that Lois Lerner’s computer had ‘crashed’ during periods of time in 2011 and 2012 according to the IRS, and that her emails were lost forever. Fact: Emails of hers had been requested over a year ago during this time period. Fact: During the past week (6/16-19/2014) much technical information has been reported relative to the probability that these emails can be retrieved after all, and that six other IRS computers had also ‘crashed’ in Ms. Lerner’s Department, with associated loss of emails during the same periods. Fact: During this past week (6/16-19/2014) this information has been reported by FOX News and radio talk shows. None of this new information was reported during this time by the main TV networks of ABC, NBC, or CBS. Fact: The reporting of news of national importance is a responsibility of the news networks that have been given the necessary FCC licenses concerning airwaves by the government through its representatives of the public.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Withholding news facts that could influence public opinion is a theft to the public. During an election year this non-reporting of applicable information relative to trust, and thereby keeping as many people as ignorant as possible, is especially important as being undemocratic. In the recent past, records and documentation such as this President's college transcripts and application records when running for high office have been placed "under seal". Social Security number, proof of US Citizenship, driver’s license, college transcripts, admission application documents, and places/times of previous residence were ‘hidden’ by the media as being non-relevant or non-important. This main-stream media trend of hiding information relative to a person’s or organization’s actual history and intent during election periods has become manifest with these convenient IRS ‘computer crashes’.  This underlying methodology is the same methodology as the Media's non-vetting of Presidential Candidate Obama when first running for President…. It is very easy and inexpensive to place "under-seal" records and documentation that do not exist. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of information by the media hiding information from the public that maintained enough popular ignorance prior to voting to gain a timely advantage in votes.

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