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General Subject: Constitution

Bergdahl and Terrorist Exchange

Ballot creation date: 06/08/2014


Fact: The US is at war with terrorists defined as members of certain organizations or religious movements. Fact: One of these organizations is based in Afghanistan. Therefore the US refers to warlike hostilities against terrorists in Afghanistan as the War in Afghanistan. Fact: The US President has decided to end the War in Afghanistan by withdrawing most troops. Fact: The terrorist organization in Afghanistan has thus far decided to continue the War in Afghanistan by continuing to provide a place in Afghanistan to support world terrorism with an emphasis on focusing these terrorist actions against the rest of the world and its peoples, cultures, and beliefs. Fact: There have been hundreds of enemy POWs captured by the US since 9/11. Fact: There have been no non-deserting US military personnel established as captured by the enemy as of this date. Fact: The US President designated Sergeant Bergdahl as a Terrorist Prisoner of War and traded five enemy US Prisoners of War for his release. Fact: The President broke existing law with this executive action by not complying with the requirement for Congressional approval prior to a POW exchange.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The President’s illegal action was in direct violation of the Presidential oath of office. It constitutes a theft of the trust placed in his future actions by those who voted for him as being beneficial to them. The trade of one soldier of then and now questionable US loyalty in exchange for five major terrorist leaders is a costly trade that is historically treasonous by giving aid and comfort to the enemy. The former can cause little harm upon release to an enemy of the US, the latter five can cause upon release major harm to the US. This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of theft by the President of taxpayer's funds to catch and then unconstitutionally (without Congressional approval) release five dangerous terrorist leaders in exchange for one US soldier of no military value, and of unestablished loyalty to the United States.

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