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General Subject: Marijuana - Cocaine

Marijuana Tax

Ballot creation date: 05/14/2014


Facts: Alcohol and marijuana can be produced at home at no cost to freedom within a society. Alcohol was made illegal in the United States. Then, it was made legal again, but not without a sales tax attached under the guise of government safety regulation. The free revenue obtained by this form of theft far exceeds the cost of enforcing the law to maintain a government monopoly on control of sale. With any free choice of usage comes a risk of individual overdoing. It is attributed to Benjamin Franklin that, ‘Without good drinking, you cannot have good living.’ He also disallowed workers in his printing shops the common practice of drinking beer during working hours. The similarities between alcohol history and the concerns of marijuana are becoming nearly identical. Free choice is also being allowed by the government being given the authority to pick people’s pockets.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It is highly probable that society can absorb this new tax for nothing in return. It is also highly probable that there is a limit to the amount this type of extortion a free society can survive. Decriminalizing the use of marijuana is a great step backward away from individual freedom. Criminalizing the illegal sale of marijuana makes criminals where none existed before. Taxing alcohol falls well within the Margin of Theft. Taxing marijuana also falls within the Margin of Theft. In the US, nature has a tendency to prevail regardless of the lucrative non-risk sub-professions of ‘do-gooders’ and ‘righters of long corrected wrongs’. Watching the degree and amounts of the MOTs is an individual responsibility in a free society. This MOT Ballot weighs theft by government taxation on marijuana.

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