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Nevada Cattle Ranchers vs BLM

Ballot creation date: 04/13/2014


The BLM (Bureau of Land Management) executed a directive of their own to remove cows from government lands. This directive was based on an EPA (Environmental Protection Agency) determination that the Desert Tortoise was an endangered species and needed protection from cow grazing to survive. No report or study was made available to the news media or the public relative to the environmental conditions concerning the Nevada tortoise in a cow environment. (The media has reported that the Desert Tortoise has been on the endangered species list, but may not be on that list now.) Instead, the media coverage has been on the removal of cattle, failure to pay BLM grazing right fees, the recovery of cattle, and the armed standoff between cattle ranchers and law enforcement personnel. The failure to pay increased grazing fees and summary penalties derived therefrom has constituted a refocus away from arguable Tortoise endangerment and toward an acknowledgement of failure to pay fees above what the rancher considered fair, equitable, and reasonable for the first century of his family ownership of his ranch.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The US Government has been given authority through electoral process to make regulations (unlegislated laws). New regulations are written when changes are deemed necessary by the Executive branch of government. Normally this procedure to make things better is accepted by the American people who elect the electorate under the trust that the electorate can be un-elected through an honest voting system. However when there is no rational example, study, or research performed and made known to the public for a law that makes things worse for the people, then the enforcement of that law is unacceptable to most people in a free society. In this case the government has stolen a long established livelihood for many voting people under the guise of protecting a desert animal that doesn’t seem to compete for grass, is rarely stepped on by cows, and is not being poached for their shells. These government actions against cattle ranchers who have benefited from, and paid for, fair grazing rights on public lands for government administration, are the actions of a small dictatorship that has lost sight of the fact that the ranchers are the public and that summarily raising grazing costs without due benefit is equivalent to taxation without representation. BLM land ultimately belongs to them (US Citizens). The regulations that limit overgrazing, water usage, and access bring an order that best economizes the use of public lands. Summarily changing regulations without established cause provides no government service except to extend the powers given to them past what they were elected and hired to do. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by government of reducing the value of people’s welfare to less than that of turtles through actions that only justify BLM existence through Government control, unearned esteem, and a salary. What happened to the turtles? Turtles were an EPA word for a day, without further use, picture, demographics, state of plight, history, numbers, or concern.

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