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General Subject: Gun Control

DOJ/FBI Operation Fearless

Ballot creation date: 02/28/2014


Fact: The media released today (4 March, 2014) that the DOJ/FBI secretly established in the past, and is currently operating, pawn shops within no-gun zones of 40 major US cities, called Operation Fearless. The purpose is to apprehend illegal gun owners who turn in their guns for money.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This is entrapment at the taxpayers expense (theft of probable cause rights) that manufactures criminals prior to any criminal action taking place. Mere possession and ownership are not actions of threat or intent to harm, except in a dictatorship that requires a population of sheep. Complying with a new law for a monetary compensation of investment is not cause for criminal action. Upholding and enforcing the law does not include entrapment and arrest of suspects who comply with the new law. This is 'dirt-dumb' in a free society. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of taxpayer money and energies by the President for unconstitutionally initiatng and operating Operation Fearless.

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