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Senator Reid Statements

Ballot creation date: 02/26/2014


US Senator Harry Reid stated in summary that "all" rumors and things said against Obamacare are "lies". 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

It would be condescending for an American citizen to address the context of these statements aside from the two words in quotes above. When there are over six million documented health care policies that have been canceled due to unaffordability as a result of the Affordable Care Act, it is meaningful to emphasize the irrationality of stating the ridiculous probability that "all" of anything said by persons felt abused, for example, are "Lies" about the abuser. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of time taken from the American voting citizenry necessary to consider relative to the instability or hidden agenda of Senator Reid who has been given power in the interest of public welfare.

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