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General Subject: Mid East

Afghan Prisoner Release

Ballot creation date: 02/08/2014


Fact: Afghanistan President Korizoni (real name unknown in the West) released 65 Taliban 'terrorists' from prison, many of whom were awaiting trial for murder, roadside bombings, and other acts that directly resulted in the deaths of several US soldiers. Fact: He made a public announcement saying Afghanistan was a sovereign nation and warned the US to stay out of their business.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The business of the country area of Afghanistan from the time of Alexander the Great has been largely to skim from the trade routes between East and West. It has been one big toll booth on a road of obstacles requiring no maintenance of structure. Afghanistan produced little other than drugs that anyone else wanted. However today it provides a mountainous and remote haven of operations and training for international terrorists. These cults, such as the Taliban, are also in the business of skimming from Western resources and wealth. And today they also have some raw materials from nature, such as Lithium, that is considered a commodity that Western technology may also develop to enhance the quality of lives for themselves and all peoples of the world. Everyone in the area from the Afghan President and his brother on down appear to be in the business of some drug production and theft from the West through extortion by ‘reducing’ and ‘controlling’ terrorist havens from exporting terrorism to the West. This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of theft of US military resources withheld to counteract the release of those terrorists who, also at US expense, were captured by US military efforts.

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