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General Subject: Health Care

CA Obamacare Sales Cost

Ballot creation date: 06/05/2013


Fact: Federal tax money (approximately $900 Million) is being sequestered to employ teachers, unions, and some convicted felons to instruct public school teenagers to sell Obamacare and its implementation to these students' families. Fact: This Federal money is being used to employ people in a single state (California) to promote something that over sixty percent of US Citizens in each of the 49 other States do not support. Fact: There are many Democrats in California who can be influenced to vote Democrat in the 2014 elections with money that has been placed in trust with the Democrat Executive branch of the government and spent by this branch without Congressional approval or accountability.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

This comprises an unconstitutional spending of nearly $1 Billion in taxpayer money for political and personal purposes that are also not in keeping with the will of most of the people who's money is being spent. This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of Presidential tax-money theft from the voters who do not support Obamacare but whose tax money is being spent to advertise Obamacare which is not in accordance with US law.

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