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General Subject: Gun Control

Gun Ownership

Vote Today. Ballot creation date: 12/26/2012


Fact: The 'right to bear arms' is a natural requirement for all living organisms for defense in order to increase the probability of survival. Teeth, fingernails, and unique to humans, external weapons for defense, are among these facilitators of survival. Fact: In the United States it is factual that Chicago has and had the highest number of gun-control laws for a decade compared to other cities, and has had for the same decade the highest rate and number of gun-related murders compared to all other US cities.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

To confuse the right to bear arms like guns with ‘gun control’, comprises a theft of personal defense, energies and attention away from the hidden agenda of those who would disarm for a period of time and make possible personal defenselessness of entire populations and societies. A people have made it clear and simple in the US Constitution that their government would not do this. Both ownership and use of 'arms' is encompassed within existing US law. Mental conditions and criminal records are considerations that are separate from the right of universal US personal gun ownership rights, and are considerations that are reasonable, and fairly apply only to the acquisition of a weapon by a US individual. Actions against the universal right to bear arms for defense of person, home, and property in any temporary restriction are actions against the people for whom was established that right in the first place. To require registration for retaining existing personal arms eliminates the right to bear arms for the bureaucratic period of time it takes to 'responsibly paper-comply' with the regulation and become 'legal'. It comprises actions similar to requiring all dentures to be registered, to keep them out of the mouths of all who could now possibly for a period time, for any possible reason, become people-biters. Who knows what kind of germs are also in the bite?!? And there are no known toothed organisms who can successfully defend themselves with gum power, either against other animals or against tyrannies that themselves have teeth. This MOT Poll Ballot weighs the theft of Second Amendment rights from US citizens by all in Government and the Media who have proposed to impose any legal universal restriction, for any period of time, on any US Citizen to bear or possess arms or ammunition of any description or capability.

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