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General Subject: Obama Administration

National Park Shutdown

Ballot creation date: 09/30/2013


Fact: The Federal Government shut down National park roads, memorials, and ocean fishing waters. Fact: The official reason for this was because the Congress, through sequester of funding, did not approve/provide the funding that would pay Federal workers to keep these areas open to the public. Fact: The Lincoln, WWII, and Vietnam memorials were closed to the public. They were however open to the open-air, and required no security. Therefore they had to be barricaded from the public by public expenditure of funds. Ocean fishing areas were closed to private commercial fishing. Access roads running through National Parks to private property were closed to the public and the private owners. Fact: None of these areas required Federal employees for restriction during maintenance or security while in public use. Fact: It costs Federal funding to put barriers up, and provide personnel to keep the public out of open-air places that have no prior gates or patrolling capability. Fact: The Congress cannot enact such restrictions to the public. Only the Executive Branch (the President) with authority given by its Department of Interior and DOD powers, can authorize hirings and the expenditure of funds for restricting the public from public places. Fact (OMB report) The National Park shutdown cost the government $414 million in implementation and lost Park revenues.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The Executive Branch of the Federal Government is spending money it says it doesn’t have in order to not spend money that the Congress hasn’t given them. The Congress is being blamed for not providing the money to keep many open places open that required no cost to let them remain in the open-air, unattended. Therefore the Executive Branch is spending public money to close publicly owned open places because the Executive Branch is not getting enough public money. This does not just seem like, or appear to be, an act of a child throwing a tantrum for candy. It actually is such an act of childish blaming that steals time and energy from uninvolved and vulnerable bystanders. This MOT writer last addressed this type of theft when dealing with a similar act by a five-year-old. Getting the mind around an action so puerile and childish is not tantamount to getting the mind around a childish level of maturity. It is actually getting the mind around the actions performed with a childish level of maturity which includes that mind's associated lack of responsibility and unbridled self centeredness. It comprises an underage misdemeanor or a given exemption from prosecution. Teenage descriptions include bullying, theft, and thuggery. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by this Administration of American Citizen access to American Citizen owned National Parks, and of tax money not used in the interest of tax-payers..

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