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General Subject: Marijuana - Cocaine

Marijuana - WA Police

Ballot creation date: 08/16/2014


Fact: The State of Washington legalized private use of marijuana. Fact: At the same time the State of Washington prohibited the use of marijuana in public places. Fact: The Seattle Police Department held a public meeting on public land with private citizens to educate them about the new marijuana laws. Fact: The Police handed out free packets of “Doritos” with a part of the new laws relative to marijuana printed on the packages. Fact: The new laws printed on the packages did not educate the populace on the prohibition of using marijuana in public places. Fact: Nearly all public citizens attending the public meeting were openly using marijuana in front of the police. Fact: There was no illegality involved with the police having a public meeting with the populous to education them on the new law. Fact: The police did not attempt to educate the populace on the entire new law. Fact: Of the hundreds of citizens at the meeting who openly used marijuana that was against the new law, in front of the police, no arrests were made by the police. Fact: Police have the legal option of prioritizing what time they spend on enforcing what laws.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The police were sequestering (stealing) use of public lands from use by those tax-payers in the population that were either opposed to being around marijuana users or of breathing environmental air containing marijuana chemicals in their (belonging to them) public places. The police were not enforcing the law as they are hired in the public trust to do. Receiving a salary to do something for a time, and not doing what that something is during that time, is stealing from the employer. In this case it is stealing tax-paid salary from the public at large. Creating a public environment that allows illegal public actions in front of public law enforcement officials can fall into a category of dangerous amusement that is barely inside the theft area of the MOT Meter, and can be described as the sequestering actions of “Wild and Crazy Guys” that are not working in accordance with the contracted police job description. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of protection by the law from the populace by law enforcers publicly condoning illegal activity.

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