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General Subject: Obama Administration

Obama Theft Headlines

Ballot creation date: 07/23/2013


Fact: The President canceled jobs and construction of the US Keystone Pipeline. Fact: The President refused critical foreign technical assistance ($14 Million) for the Gulf oil spill clean-up resulting in the unnecessary demise of hundreds of US businesses and tens of thousands of birds and other wildlife. Fact: The President signed/passed laws without him or the Democratic Congess telling Americans what was in them. Fact: The President established a policy in writing that prohibits FBI investigation/prosecution of black people for violations of voting laws. Fact: The President brought suit against the State of Arizona for Arizona defending its border against foreign invasion. Fact: The President sold automatic weapons to a Mexican drug cartel resulting in US and foreign deaths. Fact: The President formally changed the primary mission of the US space agency (NASA) from science and exploration to be an outreach effort to the religion of Islam. Fact: The President released confidential military and intelligence information to the enemy on the Bin Laden anti-terrorist operation that endangered US military and Intelligence personnel. Fact: The President cut US oil exploration permits by fifty percent. Fact: The President brought suit against the State of Texas for implementing the latest Supreme Court decision on voting laws. Fact: The President unconstitutionally and repeatedly used Government aircraft for political fund raising dinners instead of talking to the American people. Fact: The First Lady unconstitutionally and repeatedly used Government aircraft for personal reasons. Fact: The President prohibited politically opposed non-profit organizations from raising money prior to elections by weaponizing the IRS. Fact: The President prohibited selected businesses from making money that could be spent on campaigns prior to elections by weaponizing the IRS. Fact: The President conducted unconstitutional, illegal, and unwarranted searches of US citizens in the public media. Fact: The President lied repeatedly on the cause of the Benghazi deaths of the US Ambassador and three other US citizens. Fact: The President declared the final Zimmerman jury non-racial verdict to be extended as an ongoing race problem with the jury still out. Fact: The President spent approximately $7 Trillion on economic stimulus, education, welfare, bailout, and poverty programs that resulted in harm to most Americans. Fact: The President repeatedly, knowingly, and publicly lied 28 times concerning the Affordable Care Act during the year before the 2012 election.

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This President's position of power and control seems to be used to create confusion and stimulation for the purpose of stealing and sequestering immediate personal wealth, services, and un-earned esteem from the public through promoting and brokering historically failed social problem solutions. His methodology included promises of possible long term and costly solutions regardless of historical data and precedents that showed inevitable, repeated failure, and selected non-actions, while using Elected Office benefits and public money on himself and supporters while in office. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft and sequestration by this President of the services, treasure, and lives of the American people for personal gain and un-earned esteem instead of in the best  interest of the United States

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