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General Subject: Foreign Affairs

Closing 21 US Embassies

Ballot creation date: 08/02/2013


Facts: US Embassies are sovereign properties physically owned (and paid for) by the US, and as such are part of the United States. People inside the embassy are subject to US, and only, US law. Outside the embassies, ‘diplomatic immunity’ is often agreed to as compromises or allowances for violating some laws of the host or surrounding country. Fact: This action of summarily closing and abandoning embassies ceases normal (meaning open), diplomatic relations with the host country. Fact: Closed diplomatic relations is an aspect of declared war.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

As of 8/6/2013, the US President has been surrendering these embassy territories as a means of diplomacy, which is an occurrence that normally takes place  as an act during declared wars. This MOT Ballot weighs the unconditional surrender of US sovereign territory and abandonment of US properties and equipment by the US President without compensation.

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