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General Subject: Media

Weiner media coverage

Ballot creation date: 07/25/2013


Fact:  Weiner was a Congressman who held the public trust in a responsible position. Fact: He performed private acts in a public forum with consenting adults that were legal. Fact: These acts were considered unethical and immoral by the great majority of Americans. Fact: He was caught, exposed, and forced to resign his office for reasons unreported or unknown by the Media. Fact: The term, ' Public pressure' is not a known historical reason for resignation. Fact: After resigning he continued performing these acts while publicly stating that he was no longer performing them. Fact: He is now running for election to a higher office with more responsibility to more people as Mayor of New York City. Fact: He was again caught performing these acts and again stated publicly that such behavior was now behind him. Fact: There is no prevalent public record of any professional performance or accomplishment of his during his previous position of public responsibility.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

The major TV media news providers are filling a large proportion of their legally controlled limited news time with a subject that does not address the concerns of Americans, as also reported. These major concerns of Americans are primarily rooted in areas pertaining to their own best interests.  It follows that the Main Stream TV News Media has a collective agenda other than providing news that Americans need and want to know. This hidden agenda remains hidden behind forced attention gathering (stealing) media  time that provides a lucrative industry similar to some entertainment enterprises that do require a physical or service product, education, or labor intensity. This presumes there is a problem that needs a solution. However this media coverage can be described as a condition that enhances ignorance and encourages energies away from the primary and productive news and communication in a society. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of limited news and education time by the media in wasteful areas of importance to the national interest.

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