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General Subject: Constitution

DOJ Voter ID Lawsuit vs Texas

Ballot creation date: 07/20/2013


Fact: The highest legal authority in our government is the Supreme Court which determines the final legality of laws written by the US Congress and States that the Supreme Court determines to be in accordance with the US Constitution. Fact: Our Justice Department (under the President) is responsible for insuring the enforcement of our laws. Fact: Last year our Supreme Court established what the Voter Identification Law was. Fact: This law did not conflict with the question of State’s rights versus Federal laws because it was not a question. It remained the law, not a question, unless and until, it is again presented to the Supreme Court for re-consideration, and then possibly reversed. The President has neither the right nor authority to bring suite against any State for any law established as legal by the United States Supreme Court. It would consist of the President suing the powers of  his own Government. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

As the Executive part of our government, the President (Justice Department) is acting as a wholly authoritative, (without regard to the balance of power between and among itself and the other two branches of government), self-contained entity, outside our Constitutional government mandates and laws, by bringing legal action against a State that attempted to enforce a Federally sanctioned US law. This Presidential attempt removes power from the people and the courts by eliminating State sovereignty, and sequestering those State powers for the Executive branch of government as a separate culture. It also comprises a theft of national attention and heartbeats of productive life from a compassionate society required to address the degree of possible insanity at the highest levels. This has got to go down as the most inane Presidential action of any elected government of any age that ever happened. This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of theft of energies and money from taxpayers for having to defend, without mental or drug testing of their President, their own Constitutional rights against their own temporary Presidential Administration

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