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General Subject: Racism

Zimmerman Hate Crime

Ballot creation date: 02/25/2012


Fact: Hating anyone or anything is not a crime in America. We can verbally express feelings in accordance with our First Amendment rights if it does not cause physical harm or interfere with the free movement of others. Fact: Racist encouragements and indoctrination can motivate actions that comprise crimes. Fact: Libel, slander, and perjury are also actions by identified individuals or groups, and are addressed by laws. Fact: Without illegal actions or willful illegal inactions, there are no crimes. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Reporting thoughts as intent to cause a crime after the law determined that that crime was not committed is, in this case, a method for racists to divert attention away from the legal verdict determined. In this case there were two criminal actions to consider. 1. A person of superior physical strength broke the nose and bashed the head of a weaker individual onto the cement, and the other person, in reaction, then found his gun and shot the assailant to cease further physical harm or death to himself. The Police saw no crime to consider because evidence showed one to have committed a physical action crime of willful assault, and also no charges could be brought against a dead person. Also law enforcement elected not to prosecute the dead criminal’s parents for neglect. 2. Several months later, public race related comments became incendiary from local level displays to verbal involvement by the President, and legal court actions were politically pursued that ended with the same conclusions as the initial court verdict had determined. However, there was and is much money and influence to be made in perpetuating hate, racism, and discord as has been the case since race-baiting in the United States was first discovered as a source of attention and income after the Civil Rights acts were passed fifty years ago. These actions of hate reporting under the guise of helping anyone through racist views is self-defeating by sapping unaffordable resources from an empathetic society. It involves the usage of past sins against race related long dead relatives as reasons to take things for nothing in perpetuity from current US society. Also, this after-the-fact reaction to a societal judgment brings to light the fact that racism in the US today is not a matter of color but rather a cult that uses color to create and define hate and disturbance for entrepreneurial gains of attention, power, and money. In short, racism has become a business in the US. The racist does not recognize or enforce many laws that apply to everyone equally. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft by the media with Presidential participation and endorsement of reason toward threats of racist violence for lucrative compensations in advertisement and politically derived revenues

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