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General Subject: Gay Marriage

Gay Marriage Decision

Ballot creation date: 06/25/2013


Fact: The US Government (representing us) provides many benefits (tax money/deductions, etc.) to married couples in our public society. Fact: Marriage is and has been a defined institution between a man and a woman by government (civil law) and/or a religion (canon law). Religiously sanctioned marriages are not provided benefits from public monies. Public money is provided to support and protect families of two opposite-sex parents, any of their children, and property in the interest of procreation, nurturing, and the continuance of humans and personal legacies in this society. Same sex couples are not yet biologically capable of continuing humankind themselves.

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Same sex couples are not restricted from love, living together, or actively participating in society. However, under the guises of unequal acceptance, being demeaned, or socially outcast, they demand, not equality of acceptance or elimination of the other two, but public money and receipt of benefits equal to that of heterogeneous couples. This demand states an equality for use as a license to publicly steal from the public monies that were intended  for traditional US families. The removal of monetary incentive through public funding for same-sex marriage will distinguish the difference between acceptance by society, and the acceptance of unearned money from society. This MOT Ballot weighs the degree of theft from public monies by gay marriage legalization that allows monetary compensation from funds intended for traditional marriage support.

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