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General Subject: Global Warming

Global Warming - General to 5/14/2014

Ballot creation date: 05/13/2014


Fact: Much of the data that started the emphasis on human causes of global warming has been proven false. Fact: There have been several instances of natural planetary warming and cooling during recorded history prior to the influence of carbon emissions from human industrial populations. Fact: Without irrefutable scientific data to provide all of the foundation for all non-voted discretionary tax expenditures then all of the motive for action is questionable. 

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

Without an officially (money-spender) designated public list of supportive meteorologists with public-domain and accessible personal educational transcripts, records of experience, and relative research and historical data, then tax money for this purpose is theft through regulation and law by politicians and environmentalists trading fear for financial gain, position, and control over the lives of people for other purposes. It's very easy for them to save an imaginary world far in the future. They skim our money and live well in the meantime regardless of whether anyone is around then to thank them, except after they are long dead, leaving children and children's children who may not have the money or education to be able to care one way or the other. Thus far global warming is a Ponzi scheme of large proportion. This MOT Ballot weighs the theft of tax money by the Federal Government for regulating what they think may happen to the envronment through proven inaccurate and fallacious reporting.

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