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2020 Election and Theft

Ballot creation date: 10/10/2020


Fact: The Margin of Theft, as defined herein [MOT Info], is that mental area of motivation that lies between profit and insanity. Facts: The recent 70 years have resulted in a progressive debilitating increase of US humans being nurtured like birds in a nest with various government programs like welfare, National Association for the Advancement of Colored People, affirmative actions, environmental protections, Planned Parenthood, climate control, and many other programs and regulations. These minority actions have provided food, including the emotional food of unwaranted esteem, luxury items, and gambling money for 'adult birds in a nest' for both the 'birds' and those who have managed (brokered for a fee, like Congresspersons) the money that these programs, regulations, and activities provide at the expense of the majority of taxpayers. Black Americans, for example, comprise about 13%,( 12.7 percent - 2010 US Census), yet they make the most 'noise' about being subject to racism in the United States, even after a Black American was elected #1 in the Free World, President of all Americans.  

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Analysis and Conclusion relative to theft:

One can go hither and thither relative to motivations and values in US society. And one could do these hither and thither arguments only in America about seventy years ago, and before, without loss of life because of it. Since WWII the US social – political values in US government and the media have reverted to Elite - worker, Plantation - slave, Communist - slave, King - Serf, and similar manifestations that have always lead to desired vocational, family and personal sickness and early death of millions of people. Even lying was sanctioned (Clinton, Obama) without penalty in US society during the past three decades. But probably most US government people, and the media, do not comprise the values of the majority of American citizens. The theft of what is fair, valuable, and worthwhile for humans in a society is spelled out in the MOT Info section of this website. The information available herein with the MOT Ballots, shows that one side [Trump] promises ‘good’ things for the people, and has proven, with cold, raw results good for his promises with much work. The other side [Biden] promises  ‘bad’ things for people (higher taxes, more regulations, exporting US jobs, packing the Supreme Court, foreign oil dependency, constantly promoting racism, constantly blaming Republicans for bad things he is attempting and doing, constantly plagerizing ideas from Repubicians), and has thankfully proven little for his various promises, and with very little work, for a high salary no matter what the results.... and all the while retaining and using the extreme 'perk' of Government position - trading with little to no plausible deniability his positional influence for money. One [Trump] has lived his life in the area of Profit, where the law (American Constitutional law) kept him out of the Margin of Theft. The other [Biden] has lived his adult life almost completely within the Margin of Theft, with further large monetary gains for his family, once by threatening to withhold American aid money ($1 Billion) if the investigation of his son's business dealings was not immediately (within six hours) stopped. This is certainly extortion, if not treason, and against the law (American Constitutional Law). And he has often penetrated the 'insanity' wall of the Margin of Theft. This Mot Poll ballot weighs the theft from all Americans (and AINOs – Americans In Name Only) of truth, justice, and the American way by Media gross misrepresentations, and by those voting for, and manipulating votes for, former VP Biden.

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